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Year: 1968

Thai title: พิศวาสไม่วาย
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Phirapon Piyawan,Lor Tok
Main actress: Pawana Chanajit,Mom Chan Phuangwan,Metta Roongrat

The movie พิศวาสไม่วาย was released in year 1968. It features Pawana Chanajit as main actress and Sombat Methanee as main actor. The movie is lost in Thailand but a 3 minutes trailer is left to be seen. Other actors are Mom Chan Phuangwan, Metta Roongrat, เมืองเริง, ไสล, ทานฑัต, ดุษฏี เถาเสถียร, พูลสวัสดิ์, ทองฮะ, ทองถม, Lor Tok, Phirapon Piyawan, ชื้นแฉะ, ลุงโกร่ง. The sequences shown in the trailer are related to the usage of a shaman (หมอผี), Pawana and Sombat having a kid, Sombat being aggressed, Pawana being a spirit, Metta slapping Pawana, Pawana protecting her son while still being a spirit. As the movie is in 16mm format and in mute state as such movies need to be dubbed, it is not easy to understand the story. Pawana is at the same time a fearful and commiserate ghost. Thai movie พิศวาสไม่วาย (1968) was sometimes confused with movie แว่วเสียงยูงทอง (1965) as it also features Pawana Chanajit and Sombat Methanee.

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