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Year: 1980

Thai title: ผีหัวขาด
English title:

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Lor Tok,Settha Sirachaya,Pinyo Parnnui,Siripong Isarangkul
Main actress: Wassana Sitthiweth

Thai movie ผีหัวขาด was released in year 1980. It is a lost movie in Thailand. Luckily it was released under VHS format in Taiwan under the name “Siamese curse” / 鬼貢头 in year 1980. It was also released in year 1984 in Malaysia under the name “SUMPAHAN SIAM”. SUMPAHAN SIAM was released in Malaysia so it is dubbed in Malaysian. The VHS features subtitles in English, Chinese and Malaysian! It only lasts 1h17mn. A remake was released in year 2002. Chiao (Sorapong Chatree) and young lady Hsiao Feng (Wassana Sitthiweth) are close friends. Chiao dreams about marrying Hsiao Feng. Settha Sirachaya is Chiao’s close friend. Lor Tok is one of the village masters (หมอผี). Settha Sirachaya asks for love oil to master Lor Tok. Villager Ken's head is found by Lor Tok during incantations. Those repetitive deaths are worrying so village leader asks for defense troops volunteers in order to protect villagers. Chiao (Sorapong Chatree) and Settha are volunteers. Another villager Ah Hing disliking Chiao is volunteer also. Chiao loves Hsiao Feng but refuses to use love oil done by master Lor Tok. Ah Hing has arguments with Chiao. Ah Hing’s father is played by Siripong Isarangkul. A festival is happening so ruffians wish to steal the golden Buddha statue located in the local Buddhist temple. Chiao visits his master, who warns him that he is in danger. He should ordain as monk the day after to avoid losing his life. Chiao acknowledges and leaves. On the way home, a storm occurs, and he looks for a shelter. He ends up in the village Buddhist temple and sees ruffians stealing the golden Buddha statue. He tries to prevent the robbery, but he is killed by ruffian Pinyo Parnnui. His head is cut, and his body hidden in the graveyard. The ruffians fail to steal the Buddha statue. On the following day, Chiao cannot be found in the village. While looking for dead bodies to do corpse oil, Lor Tok finds Chiao's body. Villagers are now aware of his death. The master promises to find the head in order to do a proper cremation ceremony. Meanwhile Chiao’s body wakes up and is looking for his head. He frightens villagers. Ruffians try to steal the golden Buddha again but Chiao stops them. Finally Chiao finds his head. During the village festival, Lor Tok stains Hsiao Feng’s dress by mistake. She goes to the nearest house, i.e. Yin Hing's place, to clean it. There Hsiao Feng finds all the Buddha statues’ stolen heads, so the ruffians have to kill her. Settha interferes and is injured. Villagers try to stop them. Ah Hing threatens to kill Hsiao Feng. Chiao chases them but Siripong involves one skilled master also to fight against Chiao and his master. Chiao’s master is defeated. Chiao breaks his opponent's spells. Siripong and Pinyo get killed. The master burns in the fire. Chaio’s body and his head get cremated in the big fire.

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