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Year: 1975

Thai title: ครรภ์ผี
English title: The Possessed

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Krung Srivilai,Lo Lieh,Luechai Natnat,Lak Apichat,Chao Klaewklong
Main actress: Runglawan Sripatimakul

Thai movie ครรภ์ผี - 鬼胎 - The Possessed was released in year 1975 and lasts 1h32mn. This movie is only available though VHS in a Chinese or a Thai version. It was certainly longer but VHS movies were often cut to 90 minutes. A Chinese couple in love, Kung Ta (Lo Lieh) and Lei Ting (Runglawan Sripatimakul), are riding a motorbike. They fall from it and the bike cannot be restarted. As rain falls heavily, they take refuge in a cave. This cave features scary statues and human bones. They finally make love in the cave and it wakes up a spirit hidden in a statue. He possesses the man, while he is making love to Lei Ting. Back to Bangkok, Lei Ting is going to hospital, where her father (Chao Klaewklong) is dying. Shek Chiao (Krung Srivilai) as lawyer, is reading the testament. The father disliked Kung Ta as he believed he is lazy. Shek Chiao still loves Lei Ting but she announces him that she is going to marry Kung Ta. Lei Ting names her new husband Mr Pan as managing director. On the wedding night, she cannot stand it and refuses anymore contact with Kung Ta. Luechai Natnat is playing a driver and domestic helper. Lei Ting is finally pregnant. Kung Ta is spoiling the business and is taking his secretary as mistress. Lei Ting discovers her husband is cheating her. Lei Ting is now pregnant for 14 months. Shek Chiao announces to Lei Ting that Kung Ta left for Hong Kong. A baby daughter is born but she has teeth already. This pregnancy was weird indeed. Shek Chiao proposes to be the father but Lei Ting refuses as she has still hope that Kung Ta will come back. Luechai Natnat tries to abuse Ting Lei. He follows a lady (วันทนา บุญบันเทิง) in the garden, who ends up to be a vampire. Lak Apichat as policeman enquiries on the murder. The gouvernante tries to get favour from Ting Lei but luckily Shek Chiao arrives on time. The little girl can transform herself into a beautiful young woman and the governante is also killed. Later on, the vampire tries to get rid of Shek Chiao and policeman Lak Apichat. Shek Chiao’s life is spared as the vampire is afraid of Buddhist amulet. Kung Ta is just back and chases the police when they claim his daughter is a vampire. Kung Ta finally realises his daughter is really a vampire. Police brings Buddhist monks to the cave to exorcise the evil. Finally both Kung Ta and the daughter die in the cave crushed by a big statue.

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