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Year: 1973

Thai title: กระสือสาว
English title: will-o’-the-wisp

Rating: 4/5
Director: ส.เนาวราช

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Choomporn Theppitak,Sawin Sawangrat,Lor Tok,Songthong,Man Teeraphol,Tat Ekathat,Chao Klaewklong
Main actress: Pissamai Wilaisak,Metta Roongrat,Sulaleewan Suwanthat,Orasa Isarangkul

Thai movie กระสือสาว / "will-o'-the-wisp" was released in year 1973 and lasts 1h43mn. The movie was never released under VHS/VCD/DVD format in Thailand. Thai movie กระสือสาว was released in 35mm film format and brought new Fx effects in 1973 such as double impression to show the spirit quitting the dead body. It took 3 to 4 months to be shot in the jungle. Thai Film Archives has still a 16mm copy as, in 1973, 16mm projectors were still popular in provinces. Thai Film Archives got it from a donation from a company showing outdoor movies in villages (หนังขายยา). The movie is a bit like the “Nang Nak” movie scenario. It was released under VHS format in Sweden with the original picture, Thai sound and with Swedish subtitles, under the name "Ghost of Guts Eater". The original movie is probably a bit longer as some still pictures show sequences are not present in the Swedish VHS. In the 1970s, a few Thai movie rights were sold in Scandinavia. This movie shows interesting traditional behaviors and patterns such as traditional baby delivery, staying above a hot pot after delivery (การอยู่ไฟ), 100 days ceremony after a relative death, vision of people without head indicating forthcoming death, hidden treasures kept by deity and signalled by an ignis fatuus, Kraseu ghost belief, love filters. Thai movie กระสือสาว is about a traditional folklore ghost called Kraseu (กระสือ). It is a filth-eating floating ghost with a head, a trailing heart and intestines. This ghost loves to eat cordon umbilical and placenta from newborn babies (ผีกระสือจะมากินรกเด็ก). Thai movie กระสือสาว scenario was written by ทวี วิษณุกร and released in two cartoon books in year 1968. Villagers found many dead chickens in their farm. They were eaten by a Kraseu ghost. Villagers followed the floating ghost and hit it critically. A grandmother (Sulaleewan Suwanthat) was in fact possessed by the ghost. Before dying, she gives a ring to her granddaughter, Bua Klee (บัวคลี่)(Pissamai Wilaisak), and asks her not to burn her corpse (so opposite of Thai tradition เผาศพ). Bua Klee then becomes possessed by the Kraseu ghost (ถูกวิญญาญกระสือ). Boon Muang (บุญเมือง)(Sombat Methanee) is her husband. Chat (ฉัตร)(Man Teeraphol), a local thug, still tries to seduce her. Phi Chood (จู๊ด)(Choomporn Theppitak), Boon Muang’s closest friend, and Boon Muang chase Chat away. Bua Klee is now pregnant. The Kraseu spirit is inside the ring and is hungry (ไปหากิน). Bua Klee goes outside to look for filthy food and is identified by a villager. She is named as Krasao Sao (กระสือสาว) as the ghost has a young and pretty face! A fight erupts between Chat and Boon Muang as all villagers claim she is a ghost (ผีกระสือ). Boon Muang refuses (ไม่เชื่อ) such allegations but the villagers push him to verify if his wife is a ghost. So he hits her with a stick to chase the ghost but nothing is happening except tears from Bua Klee. A local shaman (หมอผี) Pradit (Tat Ekathat) invokes a dead spirit (ผีโขมดพราย) to take revenge on Boon Muang and Bua Klee. Yomatut, the hell guardian, comes to get his life as he is a nasty man (ลงนรก). Boon Muang decides to leave the village. They take refuge in a relative home, i.e. uncle Chaeng (Sawin Sawangrat). Bua Klee meets another Kraseu old ghost in the village. Bua Klee is delivering her baby in traditional Thai way by holding a rope attached to the ceiling. The Kraseu old ghost and its husband try to steal the baby. Boon Muang fends them off and hits back. The husband (ผีกะหังและกระสือแก่) dies and the Kraseu old ghost dies in the early sunshine. Boon Muang visits the sub district headman of Dong Dok Kaew area (Chao Klaewklong) to bring him some gifts from uncle Chaeng. Madeua (Metta Roongrat) is the daughter of the sub district headman and is fond of Boon Muang. While accompanied by Madeua, Boon Muang is shot in the arm by Chat. Madeua is disappointed to learn that Boon Muang is already married. She used love potions trick to make him forget his wife and son (เสน่ห์ยาแฝด). Meanwhile Bua Klee wishes to get a treasure (สมบัติ) by seeing an ignis fatuus. When a flame is coming from the ground, it is a spirit haven according to traditional belief. She can get the treasure by showing her nudity! But finally, she needs to give the treasure back to the guardian as she still needs to pay for karma (กรรม). Boon Muang and Madeua marry. Following Bua Klee’s request, Uncle Chaeng goes to the subdistrict headman home. The son Chiep is also coming with a sacred thread to recover his father. On the way Chaeng and Chiep see each other without a head! This is a bad omen indicating a forthcoming death! Uncle Chaeng has to shoot Madeua to protect Chiep. The sub district headman wishes to avenge his daughter. Uncle Chaeng and Chiep are shot dead during the fight. Chood is beaten by Chat. Bua Klee finds uncle Chaeng and Chiep dead bodies. Both Chood and Boon Muang are captured by Chat and the sub district headman. Bua Klee interferes as a Kraseu ghost and causes the sub district headman and Chat to shoot each other. Boon Muang refuses to go back with Bua Klee as she is a Kraseu ghost. Following advice from a hermit, finally the body of the grandmother is burnt, and Bua Klee becomes a normal human being again.

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