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Year: 2018

Thai title: ขุนบันลือ
English title: Khun Bunlue

Rating: 3/5
Director: Mum Jokmok

Main actor: Mum Jokmok,Ekkachai Srivichai
Main actress:

Thai movie ขุนบันลือ / Khun Bunlue was released in year 2018 and lasts 1h36mn. This historical and comedy movie happens during Rama V reign. Thai ministers are having meetings because of the French destabilisation tentative. Bunlue (Mum Jokmok) is joining those meetings. Bunlue's wife Bua believes he has a minor wife in Chiang Rai. Multiple romances occur between slaves and masters. Bunlue's daughter, Tarin, teaches to the slaves how to read. Bunlue leaves for Chiang Rai. Young lady Leng and the family doctor like each other. Bunlue's son, Tara, also likes Leng. Leng is unable to choose between the two men. Tarin and the slave Saphan like each other. Lady (คุณหญิง) Bua likes the slave Sin and they have an affair together. Saphan ends up having more knowledge than the master himself. One of the servants finds that Bunlue has a coffer full of lady jewels. The next day, Leng and her mother see Bunlue with a young lady coming from North of Thailand. Bunlue visits khun Visalai (Ekkachai Srivichai). The domestic helpers warn the main wife Bua about the Northern young lady (ติดผู้หญิง). Bunlue has political issues with opponents to his politics. It is Loi Krathong festival. Each couple is making a promise, i.e. Saphan and Tarin, the main wife Bua and Sin, Leng and the two men, i.e. the Doctor and Tara. Bunlue is seen again with the Northern young lady. The group follows the young lady, but she is finally the daughter in law of the prime minister. She is not Bunlue’s minor wife. All get whipped by Bunlue as they mess up wrongly in his personal duties. Bunlue understands that Bua and Sin have an affair together. Khun Luang tries to shoot Bunlue, but it fails. They finally kidnap Tarin to attract Bunlue. He gets knocked out and is thrown in the water, but he survives thanks to his two monitor lizards! All slaves (ทาส) get released, receive an official letter and some money from Bunlue. The movie highlights the end of slavery in Thailand under Rama V's reign.

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