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Year: 2013

Thai title: ยังบาว
English title: Young Bao

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Bom Tana
Main actress:

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The movie ยังบาว (Young Bao) relates the beginning of the famous Thai music group, the Carabao. In year 1977, key members Khiaw and Ed met each other in Philippines while being students there. They were also musicians and were playing in bars / nightclubs. They decided to form a band and Ed chose there the name of their band, i.e. Carabao, meaning buffalo, being a hard worker symbol. Once their studies finished, they went back to Thailand and arrived at a time of political instability due to 6th October 1976 students massacre. Ed supported the students insurrection by providing some clothes and necessities. Ed wrote some songs-for-life / engaged songs (เพลงเพื่อชีวิต). Their first tape was launched in 1980. Success was not coming as they were not as popular as other bands (not handsome or not wearing flashy clothes). Some bars or clubs only accepted foreign music (ห้ามเล่นเพลงไทย) as Thai music was a rebellion symbol. One of the member of famous group called President, Lek, quit his band to join Carabao as he hated commercial funk music. They were looking for additional members for their group Carabao. Thanks to Lek negotiating with the President band’s producer, they got their new tape released and a tour was organized. But they also needed to play in the orchestra of a Luk Thung star. A romance was starting with the singer but it didn't succeed due to the remembrance of an old love story of Ed that ended tragically. Commercial success finally happened. Ed liked big groups. Jealousy and misunderstanding happened inside the group made of seven musicians. They finally stayed together thanks to Ed and made famous songs still popular and played 30 years after. Some famous Carabao songs (Made in Thailand…) were created by Ed following real life events. A first movie about Carabao band was released in year 1985. This movie is part of the buzz around the 30th years anniversary of Carabao band. Ed's nephew was supposed to take his role but finally it ends up to Bom Tana. This movie will be appreciated by Carabao fans even if Ed's role is not as engaged as the real character.

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