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Year: 1992

Thai title: บันทึกรักพุ่มพวง
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

This movie deals about Pumpuang's love life and her tragic death in 1992. Pumpuang Duangchan (พุ่มพวง ดวงจันทร์) was a Thai singer called the Queen of Thai country music (ราชินีลูกทุ่ง). This movie focus on Pumpuang’s adult period already. While trying to be a famous singer, Pumpuang meets Pon, a saxophonist. He finally marries with Pumpuang (ผึ้ง) and they create their own orchestra. Pon likes gambling and keeps seducing girls. Oum is Pumpuang's younger sister. Pon promises Oum to transform her into another country music queen. Pumpuang starts a cinema career. The mother uses money to help for Buddhist temple construction so she is spending a lot. Pon's debts increase. One evening when going back from work, Pumpuang finds Pon and Oum together in a bed. They finally split as Pumpuang cannot accept this but Pon still stays in the familial house. A Thai leading actor (พระเอกหนังไทย) called Kraison starts to date Pumpuang. The mother is worried the actor will deceive Pumpuang. As the mother refuses the wedding, Pumpuang announces it to her fans. Kraison ends up at the police station due to some debts with his former wife Soo for 500 000 bahts. Pumpuang pays. Pumpuang is pregnant and they finally decide to marry. Due to some gambling debts and as Pon refuses to help anymore, Pumpuang's younger brother shoots Pon and ends up in jail. As Pumpuang's health continues to deteriorate, she takes a break from singing and goes to rest in Chiang Mai. Pumpuang finds that Kraison still meets secretly his former wife. Kraison asks to start a new life from scratch and to create an united family again. Pumpuang's blood disease is worsening. Money matters and potential heritage issues divide the extended family. The mother believes Pumpuang is witched (โดนของ) so she uses a black magician (หมอผี). The mother wishes to use black magic (ไสยศาสตร์) but to no avail. The mother forbids Pumpuang to see her husband. Through a final sad agony, she fails to see a last time her husband and her son. Following her death, her husband ordains as a monk. The movie really focus on Pumpuang’s private life and problems with her family / husbands due to money. There is some possibility that the movie is extracted from a TV serie.

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