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14 ตุลา
14 ตุลา

Year: 2001

Thai title: 14 ตุลา
English title: The Moon Hunter

Rating: 4/5
Director: Bandit Ritthakol

Main actor:
Main actress:

This movie deals about the life of a pro-democracy activist and his wife, who joined the PLAT (Popular Liberation Army Thai) in remote region after the 14 October 1973 massacre. They decide to flee after the assassination of many fellow activists. In the jungle, they face harsh life, military conflicts against Thai soldiers, political conflits inside the communist party (CPT) and understand that they are toys manipulated by the Chinese external policy. China helped them in 1975 when Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia became communist but helped Thai goverment to counter Vietnamese influence after the eviction of Red Khmers by Vietnam in Cambodia in 1979. Finally their dreams of solving Thailand's ills disappear. This movie has received 5 Thai awards. This movie is based on the life of 1973 student activist Seksan Prasertkul and was the last large-scale "political film" to be made in Thailand in 2000s decade. It was a flop at the box office. The director Bandit Ritthakol was a former reporter at The Nation who covered the mass uprising in October 1973.

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