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Year: 1985

Thai title: กัมพูชา
English title: Kampuchea

Rating: 3/5
Director: Toranong Srichua

Main actor:
Main actress:

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This story takes place in Cambodia in year 1979. It deals about the story of a young boy called Som Bak (ซอม บัค) whose life is impacted by war. Many wars were suffered by his village through French, US bombs, Red Khmer (เขมรแดง), Vietnamese invasions. Villagers are fleeing to Thailand. His father wishes to train his young son to fight and be able to kill people. The movie takes place the year Vietnam invaded Cambodia / Kampuchea to chase the Red Khmers. Vietnamese are using tanks and strong artillery so Khmer soldiers are wiped away. No prisoners are spared. Gas is used. Som Bak is now able to use a M16. As Vietnamese soldiers are coming close to the village, the family needs to flee to the border. Som Sak's parents die during the village attack. Vietnamese soldiers are shown as ruthless soldiers killing civilians and applying torture to get information from prisoners. Som Bak needs to bring his young sister at the Thai border (ชายแดนไทย) as Thailand is a land where peace is present. Som Bak and his sister are captured by Vietnamese soldiers but released as they are only children. There is an impressive reminder of the killing fields with a temple full of skulls. Som Bak then recalls atrocities told by his father regarding civil war in Cambodia and what Khmer red soldiers have done to civilians. On the way to the border he meets some children soldiers (สหาย). They are going to battle field refusing to leave Kampuchea. Feeling ashamed, Som Bak gives her sister to an aunt and goes to battle field. He helps to contact the HQ by going around enemy lines so that they can send some troops to help defending a strategic bridge. Thanks to those additional troops, the Khmer soldiers push back the Vietnamese soldiers. As a retaliation, they shell the civilians fleeing to Thailand. Som Bak's young sister is part of them. Knowing that her young sister is now out of danger in Thailand, Som Bak stays in Cambodia to fight against invaders as it is his duty to protect his own land. This movie was released overseas in few countries like Spain under the name " Kampuchea La Historia jamas contada". It is often wrongly dated as year 1974. This movie has of course some nationalist traces. This movie is often considered as Thai remake of movie "Killing Fields" by Roland Joffe.

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