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บูญเพ็ง หีบเหล็ก
บูญเพ็ง หีบเหล็ก

Year: 1980

Thai title: บูญเพ็ง หีบเหล็ก
English title: The Magic Killer

Rating: 3/5
Director: Payoong Payakul

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Phairoj Jaising,Lak Apichat,Sithao Petcharoen
Main actress: Prissana Chabaprai,Suphanee Jitthieng

Boon Peng is a famous local spirit doctor (หมอชื่อเสียง) with known skills (เมตตามหานิยม, วิชา, วิเศษ). Boon Peng can see future and destiny (ชะตา, ดูจิต). Boon Peng and his clique take advantage of gullible people. Divorced ladies (แม่ม่าย) or young girls only visit him. One of them, Mae Na, disappeared. Thiu (Sombat Methanee) and lady Prin love each other but Prin's mother wants her daughter to marry Boon Peng. Mae Na's dead body is found by Thiu in a mysterious coffer (หีบเหล็ก) hidden close to the river. There is Mae Na's dead body in the chest. A Boon Peng's sbire was seen carrying the chest. Boon Peng's ruffians (ลูกน้อง) have arguments with Thiu, who distrusts Boon Peng. Thiu surveys what is happening around Boon Peng's House. Boon Peng asks to be Prin's fiance (คู่หมั้น). Boon Peng tries to use love potion (น้ำมันพราย) to win Prin's heart. Thiu becomes an adversary (รู้มากแล้ว). Prin cannot refuse as she needs to show gratitude (กตัญญู) to her mother. Boon Peng wants to accelerate the wedding date but Thiu decides to fight back (ต่อสู้สำหรับความรักของเรา). It is Thiu's real Love (ศักดิ์สิทธิ์) against Boon Peng's bad black magic. Meanwhile another Boon Peng's follower wishes to be her wife. Boon Peng has to kill her as she was threatening to announce their relationship to the whole village. The daughter is witness that her mother stopped at Boon Peng's house. Thiu arrests Boon Peng, who is condemned to death by decapitation. According to the legend swords couldn't cut his head (ดาบฟันไม่เข้า) until he accepts remorse (ชดใช้กรรม). This movie reminds of 1960s Thai horror movies ambiance mixing comedy and slight horror with frightening owl sounds. This movie is based on a real story, which happened during Rama VI period. A spirit doctor has many followers (ลูกศิษย์), who were mainly ladies. He killed some of them for their money and was throwing the bodies away hidden in a chest. He was finally captured and killed in 1919. A version of this story was done in 1967. Sombat Methanee was already the main actor.

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