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Year: 1971

Thai title: จงอางผยอง
English title:

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Prachuap Ruekyamdee,Songthong
Main actress: Suthisa Putnuch,Juree Osiri

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A Thai Chinese community is celebrating Chinese New Year (ตรุษจีน) though dances (รำ) and songs. Even Songthong is singing a few songs before being killed as suddenly the village is attacked. Hin is the leader of the pirates (โจร) who attack the village. Many villagers are captured or killed. Four children, two boys (Phet, Chiang Ho) and two girls (Kae, Lilin), promise to revenge their parents and punish Hin. The kids get separated. Fifteen years have passed. Seua and Kae love each other but their love is endangered as it is discovered Seua is Koeb's son. Koeb has cut Kae's mother arm during the village attack fifteen years ago. Their love becomes impossible. Back home Kae finds her mother dead. Chiang Ho and Lilin are back from China and ready for revenge. They meet Kae and look for Phet, the last friend. Phet has been raised by Hin and is called Praew. Hin, following the fall of Ayutthaya, has become lord of the province. The three friends attack directly Hin's fort but are defeated as Phet supports Hin, the pirate leader, and is now a traitor (ทรยศ). The two girls are captured as Seua also betrays Kae. Seua is the one who killed Kae's mother. Phet had to lie and simulates as he is an Ayuthaya soldier (งานของแผ่นดิน). He loves the king and the kingdom. Hin is making an alliance with Burma to sell canons (โจรขายชาติ). Phet's double game is disclosed. He is captured by Hin and his fingers are broken to prevent any fighting. Hopefully Chiang Ho can help and they flee from the fort. Lin takes care (รักษาพยาบาล) of Phet. They ask support from their old teacher but he refuses to believe that Hin is a traitor. Finally faced to the truth he decides to help. Surpassing the pain, Phet fights for the kingdom (ช่วยแผ่นดิน). Elephants are used to defeat Hin’s soldiers. Despite being outnumbered, the fierce Siamese soldiers succeed to defeat the traitors and Burmese soldiers in order to save the King. Many sword fights and kung fu / Thai boxing fights typical from 1970s Hong Kong movies are featured. The King’s face cannot be seen but Thai royal music is played to indicate his presence. This movie is really typical from years 1970s when patriotic movies were shot due to the communist threats at the Thai borders. The movie features two Hong Kong movies stars. It takes two years to shoot the complete movie. It was an expensive movie to make as real soldiers were used, a fort has to be built along a mountain and then destroyed by explosives.

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