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Year: 2018

Thai title: ตุ๊ดตู่กู้ชาติ
English title: The Last Heroes

Rating: 2/5
Director: Poj Arnon

Main actor: Koeti Aramboy,Mum Jokmok,Suchao Pongwilai
Main actress:

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Thai movie ตุ๊ดตู่กู้ชาติ / The Last Heroes was released in year 2018 and lasts 2h07mn. Taking place during the Ayutthaya kingdom period, villagers are gathering following a call from the village leader. The village features many transvestites. The village leader requires help from villagers to help the nation against the Burmese army. They refuse as they are afraid to die. Finally, seven villagers accept to join, including Deuan (Koeti Aramboy), Feng (Mum Jokmok), Krang, Krai, ติ๊ก กลิ่นสี, จิ้ม ชวนชื่น. The village leader (Suchao Pongwilai) assigns a master to train them. After a difficult training, they are ready for fighting. They leave the village towards the jungle. They face and defeat some Burmese soldiers. Disguised as Burmese soldiers, they enter the Burmese camp. Krang loses his girlfriend being killed by Burmese soldiers. They are missing their relatives in the village. Krai, being upset, shoots a few soldiers with his arrows, but gets captured. The team arrives in the Burmese king palace. They wear ladies’ clothes. They are finally uncovered and arrested by Burmese soldiers. Meanwhile the Burmese army goes towards the Thai village to crunch it. Thanks to the help of a Thai princess and a Thai monk held in the Burmese king palace, the team succeed in escaping following a daring escape from the Burmese palace. They are back on time to save the village, but most of them die like heroes. This movie is mixing comedy and action into an historical background.

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