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400 นักรบขุนรองปลัดชู
400 นักรบขุนรองปลัดชู

Year: 2018

Thai title: 400 นักรบขุนรองปลัดชู
English title: The 400 Bravers

Rating: 4/5
Director: จตนิพัทธ์ สาสิงห์

Main actor: เอ็กซ์ พรเลิศ
Main actress:

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Thai movie 400 นักรบขุนรองปลัดชู / The 400 Bravers was released in year 2018 and lasts 2h37mn. It is based on a real story. Khun Rong Palat Chu is a strong fighter skilled in swords and is also teaching the villagers. Burmese army prepares an attack as they plan to destroy Ayutthaya a second time in 1767. The Burmese king nominates his three sons to lead the attack. Villagers enjoy life through festivals, trade... Kom studied with Chu but Chu won Pikul's heart. Multiple villages gather for a ceremony ไหว้ครู highlighting the teacher being venerated by numerous disciples (ลูกศิษย์). The local lord asks Chu help to slow down the Burmese army with as many men as he can. The other lords are unable to reach agreement and nobody takes leadership to protect their motherland. To ensure children have a future, Chu accepts a royal order to help the army. Chu has to gather men. Kom finally accepts to join, putting aside his love deception with Pikul. Seeing there is no resistance, Burmese army reduces their speed. 400 brave fighters gather under Chu's leadership. The 400 fighters are concerned that they need to stop the Burmese army by themselves, but they do it to protect their motherland. They receive blessings from their teacher. Meanwhile Pikul and other women decide to learn using swords as there are only kids, women and old men left in the village. They need to defend themselves if Burmese soldiers reach the village. The 400 beavers have to defend Kui Buri city until the local lord sends the royal army for support. They succeed to disrupt the Burmese army through some ambushes targeting advanced posts but the main Burmese army, made of 8000 men, is much bigger than them. People from the 'Sua Kui' clan join them. Finally, the 400 bravers have to face the Burmese army. They are pushed on a beach, then they are all killed and outnumbered by the Burmese soldiers. Their magic tattoos are not enough as Burmese soldiers use big hammer to defeat them. Despite strong resistance, Chu is captured and spared by the Burmese. The Burmese king wishes Chu to surrender officially to him and to pay allegiance to him. Chu pays allegiance to Ayutthaya kingdom. The king orders to kill him but Chu defeats his opponents. Meanwhile Burmese troops attack his village. Despite fierce defence, his wife is killed. Chu is finally crushed between two elephants. The Burmese King announces the body will be sent back to Thailand with all deserved honors. The teacher (ครู) announces resistance to invaders and the remaining men are joining Bang Rajan villagers to fight against Burmese army...

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