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Year: 2017

Thai title: ทองดีฟันขาว
English title: Thong Dee Fun Khao

Rating: 4/5
Director: Bin Banleurit

Main actor: Buakaw Banchamek,Kanchit Kwanpracha,Manop Aussawathep
Main actress: Sornsin Maneewan

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Thai movie ทองดีฟันขาว / Thong Dee Fun Khao was released in year 2017 and lasts 1h57mn. Movie director is Bin Banleurit. It is based on the real story of Siamese general Phraya Phichai. Cheut is the son of local noble (เจ้าเมือง). Choi, son of Thai boxer, has always issues with him since childhood. Both of them are now grown up. Cheut and his men are trying to catch Choi (Buakaw Banchamek) but he succeeds to flee. Kanchit Kwanpracha is Cheut’s father. Choi joins a group of people organising Thai boxing fights. He becomes their champion. One day, Choi is defeated by a strong opponent being a spade teacher. The group leaves Choi for dead as he is now useless to them. A drunkard helps him and tells him he needs to improve his skills such as speed. Choi renames himself as Thong Dee. He joins Manop Aussawathep as teacher (ครู). Cheut finally finds again Thong Dee. Thong Dee surrenders to avoid villagers being harassed. He is captured but then the soldiers still burn the village. The fighters and Thong Dee rebel and chase the soldiers thanks to their Thai boxing skills. Thong Dee leave the village to avoid the villagers being harassed again. A teenager accompanies him. Seeing Chinese opera performance (งิ้ว) and their master’s great skills, Thong Dee asks him to become his disciple (ลูกศิษย์). Later on, Thong Dee helps young lady Rayong (Sornsin Maneewan) and her master attacked by ruffians. Thong Dee gets a new teacher and keep improving his skills. Thong Dee has white teeth. Other actresses have black teeth as Thai people were eating betel nut at that time. At a temple fair, he meets Rayong again. A tournament occurs and the spade teacher is this time defeated by Thong Dee. An attack on the local leader ends up in a fight between the lord Phraya Tak and Thongdee. The Phraya Tak wanted to test Thongdee’s loyalty. If Thong Dee loses, he needs to join Phraya Tak’s army… Phraya Tak became later King Taksin. Later on, Thongdee became general Phraya Phichai. Thong Dee’s role is played by Buakaw Banchamek, a real Thai boxing champion.

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