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Year: 2015

Thai title: สยามยุทธ
English title: The Dawn Of The Kingdom

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Than Thanakorn
Main actress:

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Thai movie สยามยุทธ / The Dawn Of The Kingdom / Siam Yuth was released in year 2015 and lasts 1h25mn. Heavy FX effects are featured to make battles look bloody. It is a nationalist and historical movie. Old Thai language is used. Warlord (ขุนศึก) Ram, from Kamphaeng Phet, is behaving badly and is attacking emissary from the North. He then puts the blame on others such as his opponents. He also abuses his own people. Thap, fed up by Ram’s behavior, decide to stop him before he could jeopardize the whole Kingdom. Thap’s team delivers two ladies (แม่หญิง) captured by Kun Ram. Heavy politics among Kun Ram's men is happening. Thap’s men receive tattoos. Ram sends Thap’s old girlfriend to destabilize him. Battle between Thap’s soldiers and Ram’s troupes shall happen. Last dinner for Thap’s soldiers as they know that tomorrow they may all die. They finally attack Kamphaeng Phet prince. Thap’s old girlfriend finally fights back and sends dynamites on Ram's troupes and canons. There is dissension inside Ram’s team. Heavy fighting occurs as Ram’s troupes include bodybuilder giants and a Japanese samurai. Many Thap’s soldiers die. Kun Ram is captured and blamed as he caused Thai people to fight against Thai people. Remaining fighters are spared and after admitting their mistake, they join Thap’s team.

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