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ผีห่า อโยธยา
ผีห่า อโยธยา

Year: 2015

Thai title: ผีห่า อโยธยา
English title: The Black Death

Rating: 4/5
Director: Chalermchatri Adam Yugala

Main actor:
Main actress:

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Thai movie ผีห่า อโยธยา / The Black Death was released in year 2015 and lasts 1h20mn. It deals about Zombies during Ayutthaya period. A zombie disease is coming from Portugal through the caravelle boats. Dead people don't die, they become zombies. A noble refuses the love of his daughter Mien with a young man (เด็กวัด) called Kong. Bua, young lady, is an ironsmith. She gets help from strong fighter Thep as she is harassed by a rich man called Jun. Zombies arrive in the village. Bai, a mute prostitute, gets beaten with a whip. A man called Kwan supports her. People have to move to a fort. Mien tries to flee while her parents are moving to the fort. Rich but coward Jun is protected by two colossus. The villagers take finally refuge in the Buddhist temple but the zombies storm inside and all die. Only a small group succeed to get refuge in the house of the rich man Jun as it has strong walls and doors. Kwan is bitten by a zombie in the house. People bitten also become zombie (ผีห่า). Bai prevents Kong from cutting Kwan's head. Mien is sick. They finally all go their ways as zombies succeed to enter. Mien has been bitten by a zombie. As Kong refuses to kill her, she impales herself on his sword to avoid being a hindrance for him. Bai and Bua are killed. Only Thep and Kong remain to stop the zombies... The movie provided 3000 jobs and cost hundreds of thousands of hours. This statement is shown as a plea against piracy. Film director is Chalermchatri “Adam” Yugala is the son of famous movie director M.J. Chatrichalerm Yugala.

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