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ก้านกล้วย 2
ก้านกล้วย 2

Year: 2009

Thai title: ก้านกล้วย 2
English title: Khan Kluay 2

Rating: 4/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

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This movie is computerized cartoon taking place during Ayutthaya period when war with Burma was frequent. Khan Kluay is a strong young elephant. His wife Chaba Kaew is pregnant but Khan Kluay has no time for her as he trains other elephants to be elephants warriors. Chaba Kaew decides to go back to her village to deliver. She complains to Khan Kluay but Khan Kluay's mother highlights that Khan Kluay's duty (หน้าที่) to nation shall come first. The mother takes care of her. Chaba Kaew delivers two beautiful twins. Meanwhile Burmese troops use black magic to fortify their elephants. Burmese troops ransack the village where Chaba Kaew is staying. Khan Kluay's mother dies while protecting the twins. Chaba Kaew and the children are deported to Burma. Knowing this, Khan Kluay deserts to look for his wife and children. Khan Kluay is captured by Burmese troops and brought to their palace. A Thai princess is also held hostage there. She helps to organise the resistance to help the elephants but she cannot join as her son is also taken in hostage by the king of Hongsawadee. A Burmese sorcerer prepares a ceremony for a new attack on Ayuthaya. Twins elephants shall be sacrified. Through a Nai Khanom Tom (มวยไทย นายขนมต้ม) allegory, Khan Kluay succeeds to defeat the elephants leader and prevent his twins to be sacrified on the pyre. Finally the Thai soldiers imprisoned in Hongsawadee palace and all the elephants succeed to flee. Khan Kluay is accused as deserter. As Khan Kluay helps the Thai king to defeat the Burmese zombies soldiers and the sorcered, he is graced. This nationalist cartoon puts in stress family values (We are a family, parents' sacrifice for children) and the duty to the nation (being a soldier, allegiance to the Thai King).

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