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Year: 2006

Thai title: ก้านกล้วย
English title: Khan Kluay

Rating: 4/5

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Khan Kluay is the son of an elephant warrior. He has never seen his father (ลูกไม่มีพ่อ) but he has the same fighting spirit (อารมณ์นักสู้). He is living with his mum and friends. The elephant herd needs to migrate as human are coming close. His father was previously captured by humans. Khan Kluay wishes to free his father, Bupha. At night time, he enters in a soldier camp to find his father. Khan Kluay meets the King's son, the future King Naresuan. Khan Kluay flees and takes refuge in an elephant cemetery. He then meets Chaba Kaew, a young elephant female. Meanwhile his mum and the elephant herd have left. Chaba Kaew has no parents and has been educated by a human. Robbers always come to take food from the village but nobody is strong enough to face them. Chaba Kaew's father has built a training centre for elephants. Khan Kluay is trained and has now become a grown-up adult. So he helps to defeat the robbers. Ayuthaya now belongs to Thai kingdom again. King Naresuan (พระองค์ดำ), the new king, needs to select an elephant to go for war. He needs an exceptional elephant (ช้างทรงคู่บารมี). Khan Kluay is selected by the King. Khan Kluay's father was not a coward and died on battle field for the nation. Being reunited with his mother, Khan Kluay has to follow his duty. Following a final battle with Hongsawadee Burmese Kingdom, Khan Kluay defeats the red eyes powerful elephant (ช้างตาแดง). Khan Kluay rams the Burmese elephant into a sharp stick. This bright and colourful animation movie features a lot of Thainess such as Loy krathong festival and Thai history. Khan Kluay was the top-grosser in 2006 with 98 million baht. It was the first animated Thai feature to be released since 1979's The Adventure of Sudsakorn (สุดสาคร). This movie is part of 2000s decade spirit when many movies were highlighting a certain return to a Thai strong nationalism and pride.

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