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Year: 2005

Thai title: กบฏท้าวศรีสุดาจัน
English title: The King Maker

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Akara Amarttayakul,Charlie Trairattana,Nirut Sirijanya
Main actress:

This movie takes place in 16th century when portuguese citizen were living in Ayuthaya kingdom. Following his ship sinkage, Fernando De Gama, traded as a slave, is rescued by Maria. As he's an experienced soldier, Fernando and Tong, a Thai soldier, become the Thai King's personal guards. Unfortunately the King is poisoned by his wife, who targets to set her lover as the new King. Fernando and Tong are accused and need to fight against each other. It was produced by UK, directed by a Thai and written by an English scriptwriter.

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