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ท่านขุนน้อยน้อย แห่งสยาม
ท่านขุนน้อยน้อย แห่งสยาม

Year: 1993

Thai title: ท่านขุนน้อยน้อย แห่งสยาม
English title: The Little Lord of Siam

Rating: 4/5
Director: Somdet Suntipracha

Main actor: Saranyu Wongkrachang,Sor Asanajinda,Sithao Petcharoen
Main actress:

A couple with 4 children (Lek, Klang, Yai) move to a new but old house that has a long history (บ้านความรัก). The old house (โบราณ) even belongs to some nobility Thai members during last century. Saran (Saranyu Wongkrachang) believes the house talks to him through an old uncle (Sithao Petcharoen) and through some dreams with old images. Some promoters want to buy the house to build a village centre. But Saran doesn't want to sell despite rumours of ghosts (ผี) and strange events. Some burglars looking for old artifacts leave the house in fear having seen a ghost. The father makes restoration work on the house (บ้านเรา). Ruffians are recruited to try any ways to have the family quit and sell the old house. A small children ghost spirit called Sin (ลูกของพระยา) helps to chase robbers away. He is the one displayed on an old picture. Only Lek can see him. His spirit (วิญญาณ) was stored inside the picture. Halloween is shown as a new tradition entering Thailand. Teen children want their father to hire a traditional healer (หมอผี), played by veteran actor Sor Asanajinda, to chase ghosts (บ้านมีผี). The father hesitates. The company offers to buy back the house ten times the initial price. Tension happens between the wife Chit and her husband. The wife believes her son is getting crazy as he is talking alone. Sin considers himself as as another child of Saran. Following Lek's plea, the traditional healer accepts to stop torturing the little ghost and explain to Lek how to use monks in order to release Khun Noi from Rama V period. Finally Noi leaves them in order to rebirth and stability is coming back inside the family. The Little Lord of Siam (ท่านขุนน้อยน้อย แห่งสยาม) was directed by Somdet Suntipracha, who is a member of Thai aristocracy. This movie reminds of other Thai movies such as “Tawipop” (ทวิภพ) or “House of the Peacock” (เรือนมยุรา) by director Cherd Songsri with a focus on protection of traditional disappearing heritage items or values.

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