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Year: 1969

Thai title: ลมเหนือ
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Dokdin Kanyaman

Main actor: Mitr Chaibancha,Dokdin Kanyaman,Adul Dulyarat,Man Teeraphol
Main actress: Petchara Chaowarat,Metta Roongrat,Chadaporn Wachirapranee

Kata (Mitr Chaibancha) is a former policeman inspector (สารวัตร). He is always accompanied by his close friend O - โอ (Dokdin Kanyaman). A new job in Chiang Mai area is proposed to Kata by Sathorn (Adul Dulyarat). They have to travel up to Salween river and reach a remote small kingdom with an ethnicity called Pu Luang (ชาวปูลวง). Kata meets Liboo (Metta Roongrat) on the way. Kata is recruited as military instructor (ฝึก). Soldiers are women (ทหารหญิง). This small kingdom is between Thailand and Burma. Nonsa (Petchara Chaowarat) is the leader of the kingdom as her father is deeply sick since three years. Her step sister (ลูกบุญธรรม) called Yanee (Chadaporn Wachirapranee) is looking to take power (ผู้ร้าย). Tapo and Kata are competitors for Nonsa's heart. A duel between Tapo and Kata ends with Kata's victory. Jealous of Kata's love over Nonsa, Liboo tries to hurt Nonsa. O takes the blame of this. Tapo (Man Teeraphol) is also a traitor and tries to convince Liboo to join them (ชาวผู้ร้าย). Kata and O are also captured but succeed to flee thanks to Liboo. Gun fights happen between the two groups. Yanee and Nonsa injure each other. Kata brings Nonsa to a Chiang Mai hospital. Taking advantage that Nonsa is not here, Yanee’s army tries to attack Pu Luang base but they are pushed back thanks to Sawin, Nonsa’s brother, and Liboo. Nonsa is recovering from her arm injury with Kata but rushes back to her kingdom when learning the bad news. Tapo shoots Liboo in the back. Pu Luang base is finally defeated. Nonsa and Kata succeed to wake up the father as he was sleeping since three years. Nonsa finally shoots deadly Yanee. Kata is discovered to be a spy but he refuses to disclose for who. Facing the firing squad, he only says to Nonsa that he loves her (ผมรักคุณ). Finally he is forgiven as love is reciprocate. Kata is working for Thai government. He needs to go back to Thailand. Will he choose between love or duty? Nonsa asks him to choose duty (นาที) first. Finally Sawin takes the responsibility of Pu Luang kingdom in order to let his sister leave with Kata. This movie directed by Dokdin Kanyaman is part of Happy Home new DVD releases. There is a mix of action, romance and comedy with Dokdin Kanyaman as relief character. ลมเหนือ (1969) is a 2h23mn movie but the original version should be longer as some parts are missing. Dokdin Kanyaman is called 'black' (ดำ) due to his skin complexion! The first actor to wear a machine gun with ammunitions on the arm was not Silvester Stallone but Mitr Chaibancha!

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