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Year: 1966

Thai title: พระอภัยมณี
English title: Phra Apai Mani

Rating: 3/5
Director: Rangsee Thatsanaphayak

Main actor: Mitr Chaibancha,Lor Tok,Sukon Koewliam,Adinan Singhiran
Main actress: Petchara Chaowarat,Manee Maneewan,Kingdao Daranee,Sisala Thongtara

Thai movie พระอภัยมณี was released in year 1966 and lasts 1h50mn. Movie director is ครูรังสี ทัศนพยัคฆ์. It was released on VCD and DVD formats by company XxX (Triple X), owned by Khun Toh Pantamit. In year 1999, Toh Pantamit bought the 16mm film. In year 2000, the movie was digitized (15,000 THB per hour!). Then there is still a need to dub, add background music, find piphat original traditional music (ปี่). So it is very costly to release again old movies. The movie was shown in year 2001 in Sala Chalermkrung Theater for Mitr Chaibancha annual commemoration day. It was finally released under VCD and DVD in year 2002. This film is based on a story from Phra Aphai Mani, an epic poem by poet Sunthorn Phu. Actors and actresses include Mitr Chaibancha, Lor Tok, Sukon Koewliam, Adinan Singhiran, Petchara Chaowarat, Manee Maneewan (playing the mermaid), Kingdao Daranee, Sisala Thongtara, เปรมชัย ประภากร. Phra Aphai Manee (Kramon) and his brother Srisuwan come back to their hometown but their boat strands on a remote island. They come back from studying abroad. A lady giant ("YAK" - ยักษ์) abducts Kramon because he plays music so well that she loves him immediately. Kramon becomes her husband. The lady giant changes her shape into a beautiful lady and finally gets pregnant. A boy is born and is called Sinsamut. Kramon is missing his family and never gets full confidence from his giant wife who always closes the heavy stone door when going out of the cave to look for food. His son is human but with the strength of a giant. Following a scary nightmare, the lady giant goes to pray during three days in order to ease the gods. Meanwhile the son opens the door and both escape from the cavern. A beautiful mermaid and her parents bring them to a far island but the lady giant, after three days, chases after them. A local yogi helps them to chase the lady giant but she takes revenge by killing the mermaid's parents. A love story starts with the mermaid. She becomes pregnant also (she will have later a son called Sudsakorn but it is another story. Kramon becomes a monk to pay for his bad deeds. It is impossible to quit the island. One day, a boat is coming with a King and his daughter. Kramon decides to leave the island and brings his son to the kingdom. He promises to come back for the mermaid. On the way back, the lady giant sinks the boat. Kramon believes Sinsamut has drowned and he refuses to go back with his former wife despite her tears and longing requests as giants and humans cannot live together. She prefers to die instead of leaving him. Her heart breaks following sad music played by Kramon. He promises to live with her during next life when she will be reincarnated as a human. The son cannot prevent his mother’s death in time.

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