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Year: 2006

Thai title: สุดสาคร
English title: Legend of Sudsakorn

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Suchao Pongwilai,Charlie Trairattana
Main actress:

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This film is based on a story from Phra Aphai Mani, an epic poem by Sunthorn Phu. "Sudsakorn" is one of the best-known parts of the classic Thai epic poem. It was written by Thai poet Sunthorn Phu in the 1800s. A young boy is the son of a mermaid. He is sent on a mystical quest to find his father. The story was previously adapted in a Thai animated fantasy film, The Adventure of Sudsakorn (สุดสาคร). Released in 1979, it was the first and only Thai animated film until 2006 when the movie Khan Kluay (ก้านกล้วย) was released. Sudsakorn is raised in the ancient traditions of magic by his grandfather. He never knew his father. His mother, a mermaid, sends him on a quest to find his father. Armed with his grandfather's magical stick, Sudsakorn enters into mysterious worlds riding a half dragon - half horse. Sudsakorn encounters dangerous ghost creatures, faces an hermit who cheats him and steals his magical stick, fights against deadly vampire butterfly creatures, helps to defeat an army and finds his father. The film uses the very latest in special effects and has cost more than Bt80 million to make.

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