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ศรีธนญชัย ตอน จอมกวนแห่งวังหลัง
ศรีธนญชัย ตอน จอมกวนแห่งวังหลัง

Year: 199x

Thai title: ศรีธนญชัย ตอน จอมกวนแห่งวังหลัง
English title:

Rating: 2/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

Sri Thanonchai (ศรีธนญชัย) is now an adult. He is still being naive with words meaning and execute orders from his boss by taking them literally. Following strictly the orders cause some situations to worsen such a fire in Khun Luang’s home. Sri Thanonchai is finally recruited to work in the King’s palace. Through another wording trick, he gets a huge domain. His parents are unfortunately already dead. Sri Thanonchai is now a rich man. He asks for Srinuan's hand but gets a refusal from Khun Luang except if he can provide 100 gold coffers. Such high sum (สินเดิม) should prevent Sri Thanonchai to get Srinuan's hand but he wins through another word trick again. Sri Thanonchai is accepted at the Royal palace but has to face the tricks of other noblemen (ขุนหลวง). Sri Thanonchai wishes to have a baby. Through another word trick, he made the daughter of another nobleman pregnant. Other noblemen and even the King try to outsmart him but they always fail. This Lepso VCD is using a wrong cover. The movie is not even a cinema film but a TV film serie released in three parts. A film was released in 1981 by director Sor Asanajinda and with actors Nirut Sirijanya, Pissamai Wilaisak, Metta Roongrat, Duangjai Hathaikarn. Lepso released three VCD about Thanonchai story. It is probably a TV serie as Lepso released earlier the 1981 version also. Bad covers or covers belonging to other old movies are used.

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