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ศรีธนญชัย ตอน เณรน้อยแสนเจ้าเล่ห์
ศรีธนญชัย ตอน เณรน้อยแสนเจ้าเล่ห์

Year: 199x

Thai title: ศรีธนญชัย ตอน เณรน้อยแสนเจ้าเล่ห์
English title:

Rating: 2/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

A couple wishes to have a child. Following an auspicious dream, they expect a bright kid. A boy is born. Sri Thanonchai (ศรีธนญชัย) is a smart kid and always wins his challenges with adults by playing on words sense and double meaning. While his parents are away in the field, they ask him to take care about his younger brother. Misunderstanding his parents' orders to clean everything inside and outside the home, he kills his brother (ฆ่าน้อง) by opening his belly to clean inside! Sri Thanonchai is chased away from his home (เด็กนรก). He takes refuge in a Buddhist temple. He continues to be very naive with words by always taking them at first degree. Khun Luang, a rich local man, is cheating people money by playing on debts wording also. His daughter is Srinuan. She is 14 years old and has same age as Sri Thanonchai. To stop his naiveness, the abbot decides that Sri Thanonchai should become a novice and should wear robes. A lady asks for help to the abbot to get back her money from Khun Luang. Sri Thanonchai is willing to help and to try to outsmart Khun Luang. He succeeds and half of the money is given to the temple. As a revenge, Khun Luang takes Sri Thanonchai's parents buffalo as they have no written proof that they paid their debts to him. Khun Luang loses again to Sri Thanonchai again and has to build a bell tower for the temple. The abbot asks Sri Thanonchai to disrobe as he is talking sweet (ปากหวาน) to Srinuan while being a novice. Sri Thanonchai announces to his parents that he disrobes to help them so he keeps using events at his own advantage as his parents forgive him. As Khun Luang threatens the parents to burn their house if Sri Thanonchai stays here, they have no choice but to sell him to a sweets merchant. It is a business disaster as all sweets are given for free or thrown away in the river by Sri Thanonchai. This Lepso VCD is using a wrong cover. The movie is not even a cinema film but a TV film released in three parts.

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