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Year: 1979

Thai title: สุดสาคร
English title: Sudsakorn

Rating: 3/5
Director: Payut Ngaokrachang

Main actor:
Main actress: Nantana Ngao Krajang

Thai cartoon สุดสาคร / Sudsakorn was released on year 1979 and lasts 1h12mn. It was released only on VHS format. There is a sequence showing how the cartoon was made (การผลิดหนัง). This cartoon was done through traditional way at the end of decade 1970s. Hundreds of thousands of drawings were done. Director is Payut Ngaokrachang (ปยุต เงากระจ่าง). Payut Ngaokrachang wished to make the first Thai animation film and faced many difficulties while making this animation film (resource issues, money issues...). He almost became blind after having worked for 3 years on this animation film. His daughter, the veteran actress Nantana Ngao Krajang, can be seen in the introduction sequence as a painter. This cartoon is featuring a character from a Thai literary work, Phra Aphai Mani, by the poet Sunthorn Phu. A prince, called Phra Aphai Mani (พระอภัยมณี), flees from a lady Yak by riding a mermaid. The mermaid is pregnant and delivers a baby son. His name is Sudsakorn. Luang Ta (หลวงตา / พระฤๅษี) helps. Sudsakorn is human and not half fish. Finally the hermit takes the child away to raise it. The hermit trains the kid to be able to fight also. Sudsakorn dominates a shark but he fails to master a mystic unicorn (ม้านิลมังกร). Sudsakorn wishes to find his father. The hermit provides some magical items (ไม้เท้าวิเศษ) to Sudsakorn in order to fight against enemies. He leaves his mum (ลาก่อน แม่.). On the way to find his father, Sudsakorn, riding his unicorn, is attacked by ghosts (ผีสิง). Following fierceful fightings during 7 days and 7 nights, the hermit gives Sudsakorn a hand too. The hermit warns him about ghosts ( ผีดิบ). Sudsakorn meets a naked beggar on another island. Pretending teaching some new magic to him, the beggar (ชีเปลือย) pushes Sudsakorn from a cliff and steals the unicorn. The beggar uses it to reach the kingdom. Once again Luang Ta helps Sudsakorn to escape. Sudsakorn chases the old beggar. He is finally forgiven by the local king, who also adopts Sudsakorn. Sudsakorn travels on a fleet. Butterfly ghosts (ผีเสื้อยักษ์) attack the fleet but Sudsakorn defeats them.

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