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Year: 1979

Thai title: แก้วหน้าม้า
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

This movie is about a famous folktale of Thailand. Nang Kaew Na Ma has a face similar to a horse. She finds the lost kite of Prince Pinthong and accepts to give it back because he promises to marry her. She now stays inside the King palace. She loves the prince but love is not reciprocal. He doesn't want to fulfill his promise. She harasses him up to his room. The King gives her an impossible mission to perform within 7 days, i.e. bring a part of mystical Mount Meru. If she succeeds she can marry the Prince Pinthong. She goes on her journey. She found an hermit on the way. He does have on pity her and provides her new powers. She is now able to remove her horse face and to appear as a beautiful woman at anytime. He also provides her a magic boat to perform her task. She brings back a rock from Mount Meru. The prince flees from the palace but she follows him. He flees again to marry another princess and takes a boat to the princess kingdom. Kaew Na Ma also goes to this Kingdom and changes her appearance into a beautiful villager. Prince Pinthong sees the beautiful lady in the waterfall and makes her pregnant. On the way back to his kingdom, the Prince Pinthong's boat is wrecked on a remote island. There are giants eating human flesh. Kaew Na Ma transforms herself in a soldier to fight and overcome the giants. Prince Pinthong brings back two daughters from the giant King. Back to Prince Pinthong's kingdom, Nang Kaew Na Ma shows him a baby she claims to be their son. He has to acknowledge this fact even if he claims he didn't do anything with Kaew Na Ma. Another giant decides to take revenge on Prince Pinthong and the Kingdom. The prince needs Kaew Na Ma again to fight the giants. She overcome them again. Finally as the Prince Pinthong sees that Kaew Na Ma is really good hearted, he declares his true love to Kaew Na Ma. She changes her appearance into a beautiful woman forever. This story has been adapted in multiple Thai TV series also.

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