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Year: 1982

Thai title: งูยักษ์
English title: King Kong vs The Snake Phantom

Rating: 1/5

Main actor: Chaiyan Sorakrai,Chat Mongkolchai,Pao Porapak
Main actress: Piyamas Monayakol,Ratanaporn Intarakamhaeng

Thai Taiwanese movie "King Kong vs The Snake Phantom" / งูยักษ์ / 金刚大战蛇妖精 was released in year 1982 and lasts 1h34mn. It seems the Taiwanese version was only released in year 1987. The movie is lost in Thailand but a Chinese version with English subtitles is still available and was released under VHS format by Taiwanese company New Ship Enterprise LTD. The movie was certainly cut from the original version in order to fit the VHS format. A group of snake men led by Chat Mongkolchai storm a Miu hill tribe village and kill all villagers. A master is requested to get rid of the snake men. His team, including Chaiyan Sorakrai and his sister Piyamas Monayakol, is looking for the snakes. A rare golden snake is captured. The master is killed but many snakes get cut into pieces during the fightings. The snake king wishes to revenge. The snake men attack the village again. Thanks to a Chinese monk, the snake men are pushed back. Disguised as the monk, the snake king convinces the fierce village fighters to go on a quest. The target is that they get killed while trying to find a mystic nun. One of the village ladies become pregnant with a snake man. The Chinese monk cuts her belly full of snakes. They finally meet Ratanaporn Intarakamhaeng as nun in a cave and get support from her as she offers a powerful magic golden statue. They are attacked by some forest fighters on the way back. Chaiyan Sorakrai defeats Pao Porapak. He exchanges the release of his sister and others versus Pao Porapak’s life. The movie ends up by a giant fight between the King snake and the powerful spirit present inside the golden statue. The King snake is defeated.

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