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Year: 1983

Thai title: สาวภูเขา
English title: Elephant Wife

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Sukon Koewliam
Main actress: Wiyada Umarin

The Thai movie สาวภูเขา / 象妻 - "Elephant Wife" is in Mandarin language and lasts 1h28mn. Such HK movies normally last around 1h30mn (TV format) but the Thai version was often more than 2 hours. This movie is lost in Thailand but as it was a Thai HK co production, it could still be found in Hong Kong under VCD format. A baby girl is abandoned a house. Sukon Koewliam raises the little girl and names her Amena. The little girl is very close to an elephant called Sida. A few years later, they have issues with a local shaman, who burns their house at nighttime. Sukon Koewliam dies in the fire. Years have passed. The little girl is now a beautiful young lady. She meets Sorapong Chatree, who is injured. Love emerges between Sorapong and Amena. Sorapong has to go back to his hill tribe village. There he rejects his wedding with Wiyada Umarin causing the village chief's ire. Sorapong succeeds to flee and meets Amena again. The local shaman and his daughter chase him. They cannot capture him but catches Amena. The shaman’s daughter forces Amena to eat special poisonous worms. Amena becomes crazy and her skin is cracked. It is identified that Amena is probably the lost daughter of the village chief. As she is now crazy, the shaman and his daughter wish to execute Amena. Sorapong brings elephants in the village including Sida to release Amena. The chief leader whips himself Amena ignoring she is his daughter. Sorapong protects her and tells the leader that Amena is his lost daughter. Amina is cured but Wiyada tries to poison her again. She is finally the one to ingurgitate the poisonous worms! The bad shaman is stamped by elephants. Sorapong and Amena can now have happiness together.

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