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Year: 2018

Thai title: โนราห์
English title: Norah

Rating: 4/5
Director: Ekkachai Srivichai

Main actor: Ekkachai Srivichai
Main actress:

Thai movie โนราห์ / Norah was released in year 2018 and lasts 1h35mn. It was released under DVD format. It is directed by Ekkachai Srivichai. A Thai US family is welcomed in South of Thailand to buy a resort. Inside the resort, there is an old house belonging to a famous local former Norah master. The old house is going to be destroyed. The young daughter, Nora (แองเจลิน่า โฟรม็องโต้), has unexpected feelings when listening to Norah music inside the old house. In the past, a princess family is attacked by crocodiles. They end up stranded on an island. The mother teaches her son, Singhong (ไพศาล ขุนหนู), how to perform Norah dance while the guard teaches him to fight. By mistake, Nora takes the top part of a Manorah golden crown, placed on an altar in the old house. Later on, Nora falls in the water while taking pictures of lotus. She reappears on island Ko Si Chang and meets Singhong (ชายน้อย)! A time window is opened between present and past thanks to the top part of the Manorah golden crown. Singhong trains her on Norah dance. Singhong's mother doesn't want Nora to stay. At nighttime, Nora is put on a raft. She finally comes back in year 2018. A tattoo on her hand shows she hasn't dreamed. Nora goes to visit Buddhist temple Wat Tha Khae (วัดท่าแค), in Phatthalung. It is one of the symbols of Norah dance culture. She is back to the past again when visiting this old Buddhist temple. She meets Singhong in old Phatthalung city. He helps her as she is being aggressed. The local King (Ekkachai Srivichai) asks for his advisors to find a dance that could represent his kingdom legacy. Only Singhong can do that. Working on Norah dance would mean to be separated from Nora. Nora asks Singhong to sacrifice their love to ensure Norah dance can prosper. If not, changes in the past will impact future. Even Nora's future would be changed. There is no life without proper culture. The old house in the resort is preserved and Norah culture can continue to be promoted. This movie is a regional movie by singer / comic / director Ekkachai Srivichai about his native region, i.e. South of Thailand, and doing Manorah dance legacy promotion.

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