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Year: 2016

Thai title: เทริด
English title: Terd

Rating: 4/5
Director: Ekkachai Srivichai

Main actor: Ekkachai Srivichai,Vinai Kraibutr
Main actress:

Thai movie เทริด was released in year 2016 and lasts 1h39mn. A father Satta (Ekkachai Srivichai), almost blind, is a Manora teacher (ครู). He gives high respect to the Manora crown (เทริด). He has serious arguments with his son Sing as this one prefers guitar to Manora art (มโนราห์) and doesn't involve in heritage transmission. The son finally quits the home. Sing survives by playing music on the street and joins a group. He meets a young lady called Saithip, who is a Manora / Nora (โนราห์) dancer. Saithip's mother Mae Duangjai would like to marry her daughter to a rich man but she refuses. Meanwhile Sing also refuses to go back with his father. This causes a malaise and the father ends up at hospital. The father of the fiance Prap is Vinai Kraibutr. He is involved in dirty business. If everybody thinks same as Sing, only the name of Manora art will remain. Romance starts with Saithip but Sing gets punched by the father and slapped by mother as Saithip is going to marry soon Prap. The father Satta is getting sicker but still has to perform as the troupe is lacking money. Two ladies, part of his troupe, now are coyote dancers as it brings more money. Sing learns Thai boxing to be able to defend himself. Things get worse as Sing punches Prap trying to kidnap Saithip. A friend reminds Satta that a body can be raised but a heart cannot be raised (ตัวเลี้ยงได้ หัวใจเลี้ยงไม่ได้). As the father is very sick, Sing goes back home and accepts to be a Norah dancer (หนีโนราห์ไม่ได้). Prap and his father still chase Sing and Saithip. As Saithip is pregnant with Sing, the father Vinai accepts to cancel the wedding but his son Prap remains unhappy. A “Wat Takae” ceremony (crowning initiation ceremony) is happening with Sing to be certified as Manora leader by wearing the Manora crown. Satta is transmitting the power and knowledge of Manora tradition to his son Sing. Vinai is also watching proudly the ceremony. The movie ends up tragically with Prap, as a masked killer, shooting Sing, while he receives the crown. The father Vinai shoots Prap unaware that the man behind the mask is his own son. Vinai becomes a monk. A long story unifies Satta and Vinai. Satta married Vinai’s former girlfriend, a Nora dancer, who was pregnant. Sing was in fact Vinai’s son. Saithip transmits Nora traditional to her young son... Ekkachai Srivichai is a famous singer from the South of Thailand. His songs are often sad romances. His movie shows the great culture of Manora art and spirit possession.

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