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Year: 2003

Thai title: มหาอุตม์
English title: Great Talisman

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Nirut Sirijanya
Main actress:

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Thai movie มหาอุตม์ was released in year 2003 and lasts 1h37mn. A soldier called Thongkham protected by tattoos survive attacks at the Thai border. He saves a young child in a village where all inhabitants were killed. He names the kid as Jet. Many years passed. Thongkham is now a monk. He teaches Jet the power of tattoos ("SAK" - สัก) but make him to promise to use it wisely. Jet (Chartchai Ngam-San) is a firearm instructor. His friend Chai is taxi driver but he gets harassed by ruffians, who want to use him to transport drugs. Jet follows the ruffians but a police intervention happens at same time. Ruffians believe that Jet informed the police. Jet meets Pat, a lady working in a company linked to the ruffians. Nirut Sirijanya is a drug kingpin. Another drug exchange fails in a club. But police cannot catch the leaders. Jet is aggressed in his shower and his body is thrown in the river. Pat and Chai recuperate the body on time. Bombs are set up in Bangkok. The monk (หลวงพ่อ) helps to speed up Jet’s recovery. The leader complains that Thongkham left him many years ago during a battle. The monk is killed. A bomb is set up in Anusawaree, Bangkok. Pat, the police leader and Jet as a team have to defeat the ruffians’ leader protected by powerful tattoos. According to The Nation, The film failed at the box office partly because of the loose plot, but mainly because the producer had cut it so short that it was hard to understand.

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