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๑๕ ค่ำ เดือน ๑๑
๑๕ ค่ำ เดือน ๑๑

Year: 2002

Thai title: ๑๕ ค่ำ เดือน ๑๑
English title: Mekhong full moon party

Rating: 5/5
Director: Jira Malikul

Main actor: Noppadol Duangporn,Somchai Sakdikul
Main actress:

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Thai movie "15 ค่ำ เดือน 11" was released in year 2002. This movie is about the Naga fireballs festival happening each year in Nong Khai and Phon Phisai. Every year more than 100 000 people gather by the Mekong River on November Full Moon. After sunset, mysterious fireballs called Naga fireballs rise up from the river and disappear into the sky. This movie looks into the various theories behind the phenomenon. Some locals still believe in the traditional myth of the Naga, making a sacred offering to Buddha. One doctor called Professor Surapon thinks that the fireballs are natural and installs complex equipment to make measurements. Another wants to prove the phenomenon is a hoax. The movie tells the story of an abbot of a Buddhist temple, who is depicted as responsible for making the fireballs. A boy, called Kan, who is helping the abbot, becomes reluctant to continue as he feels the media will eventually expose the practice and gives a bad image of Buddhism. The abbot (Noppadol Duangporn) wishes to continue as he feels it perpetuates the faith of the local people. The morality is "believe in what you do / do what you believe". Part of the movie is in Isaan / Lao language. Somchai Sakdikul fails to demonstrate the phenomenon is a hoax and that it is manmade. The abbot is looking for Kan's help. Kan was raised by the abbot but went to Bangkok to finish his studies. Kan knows young lady Lit since his childhood. There is some competition between Kan and the Professor Surapon towards Lit, who is now a teacher. As Kan has decided not to put the balls under the river this year, the abbot decides to do it by himself despite the strong water current and his old age. Will there be Naga fireballs this year? The viewpoint is that both supernatural and scientific beliefs can exist side by side. This movie has received an award at the Bangkok International film festival in 2003. This movie has also been registered as National Heritage per the 2015 list released by the Thai Film Archive.

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