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Year: 1986

Thai title: มือปืนผีสิง
English title: The Magic Man

Rating: 3/5
Director: Payoong Payakul

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Lak Apichat,Pao Porapak,Rith Luecha
Main actress: Thida Thidarat,Sinaporn Philailak

Thai movie มือปืนผีสิง / The magic man was released in year 1986 and lasts 1h36mn. It was released under VCD format by Lepso company. This Thai movie was also released internationally. The international title is "Mad Move" and lasts 1h25mn. It is a mix of Thai footage and Hong Kong footage done by Filmark production. The Thai footage lasts one hour. The Thai actors are not even mentioned in the credits. Thai movie director is Payoong Payakul. Lepso Company released the movie under the wrong name of นักรบผีสิง. Actresses and actors include Sorapong Chatree, Lak Apichat, Thida Thidarat, สินาภรณ์ พิไลลักษณ์ (Sinaporn Philailak - sexy star), สุนารี, วีรยุทธ รสโอชา, Pao Porapak, Rith Luecha. Plik (Sorapong Chatree) is a Thai soldier protecting his country. He is fighting at Thai border. All his colleagues are dead. Plik is seen holding a machine gun and shooting enemies. Meanwhile Sak (Lak Apichat) is visiting his family. Sak offers money to the family against land titles but the father refuses. Plik’s sister, Pim, is married to a motorbike taxi driver called Taen. Later on, ruffians kill Plik's whole family. Plik is back to his village and finds his family dead. Taen suspects Sak or Jom to be behind the murders. In a sawmill, shootings happen between Sak, Jom and Plik. Jom and his men retreat. As Plik believes Sak is responsible of his parents' death, they both fight. Plik finally understands that Sak is not guilty. Pao Porapak and Rith Luecha are parts of the ruffians led by a lady (นายหญิง). Plik finally catches the ruffians, who shot his family, and shoots Jom. Plik meets a wandering monk and follows him. Out of strength, Plik collapses and wakes up in the monk's cave. He needs to pacify his heart. While being in a brothel, ruffians have fighting with Sak. Plik still has horrible visions about war. The ruffians send a beautiful lady, Sinaporn Philailak, to seduce Plik but it fails. Outside of the room, Pao is waiting and Plik is captured by the ruffians. At nighttime Plik becomes a werewolf as he uses wrong Buddhist incantations but still defeats his captors. The lady leader abuses the confidence of Bonnie (รติรส รินนภา) but the werewolf stops her. The werewolf abuses the lady leader as revenge. Meeting Sak, the werewolf follows him and by paying respect to a Buddha statue, the werewolf becomes Plik again. Rith refuses to believe the stories about a werewolf but finally following the proofs, he gathers a big team to fight back. Finally Plik’s team acts first. The movie ends up in shootings and two final fights between Sak and Pao, between Plik and Rith. Ruffians are defeated.

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