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Year: 1976

Thai title: สาวหมาป่า
English title: The Wolf Girl

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Sukon Koewliam,Choomporn Theppitak
Main actress: Aranya Namwong,Chosri Misommon,Metta Roongrat

Thai movie สาวหมาป่า was released in year 1976. The movie is lost in Thailand but it is still available overseas in mandarin language under the name 狼女 - "The Wolf Girl". A VCD is lasting 1h37mn. Recently it was shown on Thai TV CH3 dubbed in Thai language. A black magician (หมอ) is talking to the lord Hang Pao and gets a spade. He wishes to get the unborn baby of the lord's wife in order to a create a Kuman Thong (กุมารทอง)(powerful protective spirit) as the lord had a lot of bad luck recently. The lord wishes to discover who killed his father and hopes the Kuman Thong can help him. The wife, played by Aranya Namwong, pregnant and about to deliver, hears them and then flees. Chosri Misommon helps her to deliver. Two babies girl are born. During the night Aranya flees with one baby and lets the other with Choosri with a golden necklace. While trying to escape from the wolves (หมาป่า), she falls from a cliff and dies. The black magician kills many ladies to get an unborn male baby but it is always a girl. Meanwhile the baby girl is raised by the wolves. Her twin sister called Arunee has been raised by Choosri. She is working in the family restaurant where Anan (Sombat Methanee) comes to court her. Metta Roongrat is the Lord’s new wife but she is still not pregnant so the lord is having mistresses to get more babies. Choomporn Theppitak is the Lord’s assistant. Artisan (ช่าง) Anan has arguments with Choomporn. The Lord remembers his former wife as Arunee has the same face. So later on, he sends an engagement parade to ask for her hand but Arunee refuses. Metta, still wishing to get pregnant, misleads Anan and forces him. Metta disguises herself into Arunee to deceive Anan (หลอกลวง). Arunee seeing them is disappointed and angry. Metta still provides young ladies to the local Lord. Anan goes to see Metta in order that she explains the truth to Arunee but she drugs him. The Lord Hang Pao decides to bury alive Anan but the wolf girl saves him. As a female wolf, she needs a male... Meanwhile the Lord brings one of his pregnant mistresses to the black magician. She is killed in order to create successfully a kuman thong. Discovering that Metta is having an affair with Choomporn, the Lord orders the kuman thong to kill them. The Lord wants to get back his two daughters but the black magician warns him it is dangerous. A final fight happens between the Lord and the black magician as the Kuman Thong discloses that the black magician is the one who killed the Lord’s father. The wolf girl intervenes but is injured. Anan saves her and flees the collapsing cave while lord Hang Pao sacrifices his life while holding the black magician.

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