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สมิง พรานล่าพราน
สมิง พรานล่าพราน

Year: 2014

Thai title: สมิง พรานล่าพราน
English title: Sming

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

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Thai movie Sming / สมิง พรานล่าพราน was released in year 2014. It lasts 1h40mn. This movie features impressive Fx with the tigers. This Thai movie was also released in India. Pat is a killer of tiger spirits (สมิง). His wife is killed by a fierce tiger spirit. Lam Duan, his daughter, escapes to death as he brings her out of the burning house. He wishes to get revenge and tries to kill the tiger (เสือนรก) but he only succeeds to damage its eye and gets seriously injured. Many years have passed. A little boy comes to the Thai forest administration and asks for help against the tigers. A new worker Pamai is allocated to solve this issue happening in a remote village. Tigers keep attacking and killing villagers. Three heavily armed foreigners wishing to go to this village also join them. Pamai always takes pictures and looks useless to villagers looking for help. The village population is a mix of Chinese people, Cambodian and Thai people. Pamai discovers the reality of the tiger spirits. Pat is still looking for the tiger, which killed his wife. It is now half blind (ตาบอด). The foreigners are hunters. Saming / Tiger spirits can change their appearance so they can lie to people and fool them. Two foreigners are killed as the tiger spirit transforms itself in an attractive Thai young lady. Pamai saves the young boy from the tiger spirit. The Chinese guys including พี่ใหญ่ try to kill the tiger spirit by using special monkey dance but they fail and the villager leader dies. It is finally discovered that Pat is already dead. His daughter Lam Duan and Pamai succeed to kill the tiger thanks to Pat’s spirit.

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