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Year: 1994

Thai title: ดงสมิง
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Bin Banleurit,White Padungkan
Main actress:

Thai movie ดงสมิง was released in year 1994 and 1h25mn. It was released under VCD format. Lady Yom is aggressed by a tiger spirit at night time. Niyom (White Padungkan) and Rat (Bin Banleurit) arrive in the village as government officials. Village leader (ผู้ใหญ่) Sing and her sister Chaoba welcome them. Mek (นักเลงใหญ่) doesn't welcome them. Mek loves Chaoba but it is not reciprocal. Mek despise Niyom and Rat as Chaoba appreciates them. The village leader Sing has a weird behavior. Another lady is killed in the village. Sing cannot come at the ceremony as he is sick. Sing discusses with an older man, being the village หมอผี Yong, about transferring his tiger fearful spirit to somebody else. Conflicts occur between the two men as the spirit doctor mentions to use Chaoba to transfer the tiger spirit. Sing doesn’t want his younger sister to become the new heir (ทายาด). Sing fails to kill the spirit doctor Yong and is injured in the fighting. Niyom and Rat organize a hunt to find the suspected tiger. Sing is severely sick and dies. The spirit doctor wishes to burn immediately the body but Chaoba wishes to follow Thai tradition and keeps the body for 100 days. Chaoba starts to vomit so Mek believes she is pregnant with Rat. Yong believes the tiger spirit entered in Rat's body after Sing's death. Another death occurs. Mek accuses the two Bangkokian men. The villagers try to stone Rat, but Yong interposes. Finally, Chaoba changes a lot as she is the one possessed by the tiger spirit. Mek is killed while trying to abuse Chaoba. Sing got tiger oil filter (น้ำมันพรายเสือสมิง) from Cambodia. Yong, Niyom and Rat visit the doctor spirit to know how to release Chaoba from the tiger spirit. A ceremony is organized to expel the tiger spirit from Chaoba body. The spirit fights back but Chaoba recovers and becomes a normal person again.

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