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Year: 1976

Thai title: พรายกินรี
English title: The Tiger Devil

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Manop Aussawathep,Adul Dulyarat,Pipop Pupinyo
Main actress: Naiyana Shewanan,Malee Wetpraseri,Wilaiwan Watthanaphanit,Mayurachath Muarnprasitivej,Chosri Misommon,Duangjai Hathaikarn

Thai movie พรายกินรี (The Tiger Devil) was released in year 1976 and lasts 1h35mn. The movie is certainly cut as it is only available from cable TV programmes. Malee (Malee Wetpraseri) and Kinaree (Naiyana Shewanan) are travelling together after leaving a Christian community. They are aggressed on the way to their village by two men including Manop Aussawathep. They step back when understanding that Kinaree, who was fighting strongly, is a lady (นางฟ้า). Pipop Pupinyo, the village leader, remembers that many years he wanted to burn Kinaree as she was accused to be a tiger devil spirit. A monk stopped the burning and gave a sacred necklace to prevent Kinaree to become a spirit again (เวรกรรมของหลาน). She has to keep until being 20 years old. Kinaree and her grandmother were expelled from the village but are now back. One young villager tries to abuse Kinaree while she is bathing in the waterfall. When angry, she becomes the tiger devil spirit again and kills the villager. The grandmother Malee falls and gets injured. Per Kinaree's request, Manop searches for a doctor. Doctor Sombat Methanee then checks Malee but she finally dies. Pipop, afraid of Kinaree, leads the villagers to burn her again. The doctor decides to bring Kinaree in Bangkok but faces Manop, who is jealous. The doctor and Kinaree succeed to flee Manop and the angry crowd. They are back to Bangkok. New characters are present in the doctor's home, Chosri Misommon as domestic helper, Wilaiwan Watthanaphanit as mother, Mayurachath Muarnprasitivej as his fiancee Dao (ปากเสียใหญ่), friends such as Chom (Duangjai Hathaikarn) and Chatree (Adul Dulyarat). She is used in the kitchen but is useless (เด็กเวร). Dao has a lover (เล่นชู) called Chai (อนันต์ สัมมาทรัพย์). There is a ballroom event. Dao tries to humiliate Kinaree (ชาวป่า) during the ball but to no avail. She hires the car driver to hurt Kinaree but she becomes a tiger devil spirit (ผีเสือ) again and kills him. Today is Kinaree’s birthday. Dao aware that Kinaree could be a spirit is willing to challenge her. She removes her necklace and slaps her. Horror happens with Chai is killed and Dao injured by the tiger devil spirit. Police shots the spirit a few minutes before Kinaree's 20th birthday. Kinaree becomes a full human but dies due to her injuries in the doctor's arms. Another version of Kinaree was released in year 1969 (กินรี) with Sombat and Suthisa. In this older version, Kinaree doesn't die.

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