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Year: 1993

Thai title: พญาแม่เบี้ย
English title:

Rating: 2/5
Director: จิตรกร

Main actor: Mum Jokmok
Main actress:

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Thai movie พญาแม่เบี้ย was released in year 1993 and last 1h25mn. It was released under VCD format by company Rose. Mae Bia (แม่เบี้ย) is a snake spirit protecting a woman. Three “Mae Bia” movies were released in 1989, 2001 and 2015. Phaya is a high-ranking title for nobility. So title พญาแม่เบี้ย highlights a powerful snake spirit. This B-movie may have surfed on the success of the 1989 movie version or the 1991 TV serie version by using a similar title, but it has a small budget. Many years after, such movies were released again in VCD format and highlighting the presence of famous comic actor Mum Jokmok despite he had only a second role. Thai actors and actresses featured are ยุทธนา ศิริวัฒนา, ศิริพร เพ็ญวิไล, Mum Jokmok, ติ๊ก กลิ่นสี, กาละแม กลิ่นสี, โป้ง ปราโมทย์, วิชุดา แสนงาม, จตุพร สุพรรณการ, จ่อยตราช้าง. Movie director is จิตรกร. The movie is a mix of comedy and horror. A few villagers including Mum Jokmok are trying to catch snakes. It turns badly as one of them is bitten by a snake and dies. The local shaman suspects a snake spirit (งูผีพญาแม่เบี้ย). Lamyong finds a big snake in her garden. She takes care of it and feeds it. The local village leader visits Lamyong but she is not interested in him. Being upset, the villager leader wants to force Lamyong to be her wife (เป็นเมียให้ได้). Hopefully the snake is protecting Lamyong. While Mum Jokmok and another villager peek at Lamyong taking a bath, the snake makes them flee. Mum Jokmok discloses there is a snake spirit in Lamyong’s house, so villagers are now afraid of her. Young man Sadipap (ยุทธนา ศิริวัฒนา), a crocodile farm owner, is blamed by Chaba, Lamyong’s sister, despite he is not responsible to spread rumours. Young lady Somsree arrives in the city but she cannot find any taxi so Sadipap agrees to send her back home. She is the local village leader’s younger sister. Somsree is fond of Sadipap and is very enterprising. Is it love or desire? Sadipap is not sure. Lamyong’s father wishes to donate to the local Buddhist temple. The monk asks the father what is going on in his house as villagers try to avoid him. Taking profit that Lamyong is alone, the village leader visits her and declares his love. As she refuses and pushes him back (ไม่เล่นตัว), he tries to abuse her, but she fights back. The snake finally saves her. Seeing the bad guys leaving, Sadipap comes to rescue Lamyong. Lamyong asks the snake not to harm Sadipap as he comes to help her. Somsree is jealous that Sadipap loves Lamyong and complains she is now his wife. She reports to her brother and asks him to prevent this love. The village leader uses poison to kill a poor lad to accuse Lamyong and her snake. The village leader asks the local shaman (หมอ) to get rid of the snake spirit but it fails. He tries again to convince Lamyong to stop seeing Sadipap but she refuses. Somsree asks Sadipap to stop seeing Lamyong (แม่มด) but Sadipap chases her away as he suspects her brother to have killed the poor lad. The ruffians kidnap Lamyong. The snake guides Sadipap and his friends to the place where Lamyong is held captive. Police arrive also. Somsree becomes crazy due to her fear of snakes. The village leader is bitten by a snake and Lamyong is released.

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