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Year: 1992

Thai title: ตัณหาแม่เบี้ย
English title:

Rating: 1/5
Director: เพ็ญพักตร์ พรเพ็ญ

Main actor:
Main actress:

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Thai movie ตัณหาแม่เบี้ย was released in year 1992 and lasts 1h16mn. Main actors and actresses are กรวิภา กรกฎา, วรรณวิไล สุขสม, ยุวันดี แก้วเกตุ, เพ็ญพร ตรีเพชร, ปฐมพงศ์ พันธุ์ไทย. Movie director is เพ็ญพักตร์ พรเพ็ญ. It was released under VCD format by Lepso company under the false name เสน่ห์สาวนางงู. Sexy scenes are probably censored or cut as it is a short duration for a movie. Villager Pong is looking for งูผี, a big snake. He gets killed. A young man, Santit, willing to do business in herbal medicine (สมุนไพร) gets a recommendation letter from his father. He goes to the area where rumor of snake spirit is strong. The father's old friend is dead but his son, Pai, accepts helping after reading the letter. Santit comes with his girlfriend Mina and another friend named Tongchai. They enter the forest. Tongchai, Vina and helper Kraimuk get drunk on the first night. Tongchai almost dies in the snake spirit's arms. The expedition leader Prai asks them not to drink alcohol in the forest anymore as it is dangerous. Kraimuk drinks again and tries to abuse Vina. Later, Kraimuk is found dead by his colleagues. He was seduced by the snake spirit. Mina is Sansit's girlfriend but Santit is a bit tired of her. Santit meets a beautiful lady, Sitha, in the forest, who promises to give him herbal plants. It is the snake spirit… On the following night, the snake spirit tries to seduce Santit but hopefully Pai helps. Afraid of snakes, Vina asks to go home. Santit proposes she leaves first. Tongchai, drunk again, defies the snake spirit and almost dies. All want to leave but Santit asks to stay one more day. Santit meets secretly the snake spirit lady Sitha. She tries to chase Santit's friends away. Vina and Tongchai become lovers and leave. Pai is back to help Santit. Kraimuk's former red cloth has some magic power as it chases snakes’ spirits (โดนวิญญาณ) away. Santit is back to meet Sitha. Pai is back before the next full moon with additional sacred weapons. He finally releases Santit and gets rid of the snake spirit Sitha.

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