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Year: 1984

Thai title: นางพญางูผี
English title: Ghost Snake Queen

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Toon Hiransap,Sor Asanajinda
Main actress: Naowarat Yooktanun,Pornpan Ketmamatsu,Namgneun Boonnak

Some villagers are hired to catch snakes. A big snake (งูใหญ่) remains to be caught. Chat is one of the villagers. His wife is about to deliver. During a storm, Chat is killed by a huge snake and the baby girl is possessed by a snake. The little girl renamed Boonmee is rescued by a family, who also has a baby girl called Kamfa (Naowarat Yooktanun). They are now grown up beautiful women. Boonmee (Pornpan Ketmamatsu) always think her parents love Kamfa more than her. It is Songkran day. Some Bangkokian people, undercover policeman Cha (Toon Hiransap) and professor Phalat (Sor Asanajinda), come to the village. Young and old people often die in the village so they come to investigative. Nobody knows the real death cause. Some bodies are kept in Wat Khun Duang. Songkran is celebrated there so Cha meets Kamfa and Boonmee. Brother (พี่) Inta is jealous. Both ladies like Cha very much. The temple coffins only contain snakes but no corpses. Villagers afraid of the evil (งูผี). In order to get rid of the evil spirit, there is a need to identify in which body the spirit has taken refuge in. Boonmee brings jealousy in Ita's heart versus Cha. The subdistrict headman's daughter is bitten by a snake. Cha goes to city to bring back a real doctor as he doesn't trust the local shaman (หมอผี). Boonmee (นางปีศาจ) causes the spirit to possess Kamfa and to kill the subdistrict headman's daughter. Villagers now believe Kamfa is the evil spirit (งูผีร้าย). Boonmee kills her own father to prevent him to help Kamfa. Kamfa is captured and will be burnt (เผ่า) in front of the subdistrict headman's house. Cha comes on time but Inta and villagers prevent him to help. Cha and Kamfa shall die on a real stake. A forest monk (พระธุดงค์) stops the fire and announces Kamfa is not the evil spirit that villagers are looking for. The monk asks Kamfa to put a sacred necklace around Boonmee's neck to neutralize the spirit. Kamfa is concerned that her mother shall not stand losing her husband and then one daughter. Boonmee apologizes to her sister and promises not to kill anyone again. The old sorcerer spirit has to bite villagers and drink their blood to remain young. Boonmee seduces and hypnotizes Cha. Kamfa and Phalat have to find a way to release Cha. Boonmee captures her own sister to give her for sacrifice to the snake spirit showing no gratitude to her mother. At nighttime the mother sneaks in the cave and sends on time the sacred necklace on the spirit’s head breaking all spells. Evil is defeated and the cave is sealed. It is a remake of 1966 Thai movie “งูผี” with Mitr Chaibancha and Petchara Chaowarat. Compared to 1966 version, Boonmee is much more temptress and is helped by a bunch of sexy amazones. Modern disco and even James Bond soundtrack are used. It is a typical horror movie from 1970-1980s mixing scaring and funny sequences. A second opus of นางพญางูผี was released in 1990 with Bin Banleurit.

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