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Year: 1979

Thai title: นาคี
English title: Nakee

Rating: 3/5
Director: รัตน์ เศรษฐภักดี

Main actor:
Main actress:

Thai movie นาคี was released in year 1979 and lasts 2h04mn. Director is รัตน์ เศรษฐภักดี. Actors and actresses are เบญจวรรณ บุญญกาศ, ทินกร ปฎิพัฒน์, รังสิต จันทรนิยมานนท์, ปิยะรัตน์ ปรัชชญา, สุทัศน์ อินทรานุปกรณ์, ศรีพงษ์ มานิตย์, ก. เก่งทุกทาง, กาญจนา กิจสง่า, ทองฮะ. This movie doesn't feature any famous actors or actresses. The same story was also released two times through Thai TV series (in 1988 with Ekapan Banleurit and in 2016). Following the popularity of Thai TV serie Nakee in year 2016, the 1979 version was released again in DVD format. A VHS version was also released many years ago. It is a shorter version lasting only 1h26mn but the image is much sharper and recorded from TV channel 3. A few songs are featured as this was often a tradition in 1970s movies (หนังเพลง). There are also some Molam songs. Phi Kaem has captured a big snake (งูขาว) for a foreigner. One young lady is upset by this as she believes it is sacred deity (งูเจ้าแม่). She even claims to be Nakee (เจ้าแม่นาคี) herself. At nighttime the snakes escape. The snakes hunters are all killed. The young lady remains with her baby. 20 years have passed. A group of students with their teacher (อาจารย์) are investigating on an old site in Isan area. They found a Nakee mummy (รูปปั้น). One of the students sees the mummy becoming a real woman but nobody believes him. While they are travelling on a raft, an eclipse occurs. The raft hits the cliff and all fall in the water. Four students only are left over following the accident, 3 men and one woman. An undertaker helps to keep 4 corpses. The remaining students are unsure if it is their friends or not. The undertaker opens the coffins but only snakes can be found. The undertaker himself falls in a coffin and dies. Two students died because of snakes. As the village leader refuses to launch an investigation as they are afraid of Nakee, the students and teacher threaten to complain to police. As one of the students, called Kosakon, insults the snake deity as a lure invented by the local shaman (หมอผี), the villagers throw him in a dark cave, where resides Nakee. The student finds a beautiful lady in the cave and they become lovers. Her name is Kam Kaew (คำแก้ว). The student is under the influence of Kam Kaew (ตกในอำนาจของคำแก้ว). An old man is back to the village and warns the student that his wife is a ghost (ผี). The old man wishes to take revenge over Nakee. The student Kosakon puts a sacred necklace around Kam Kaew's neck to neutralize her. She takes refuge in her cave. She has to fast 100 days to become human per advice of เจ้าปู่ศรีสุทโธนาค. Meanwhile villagers decide to storm the cave. The villagers wish to burn the mother and Kosakon in order to force Nakee to exit from the cave. About to become a human, Nakee gives up in order to help Kosakon. She becomes a giant snake and kills the bad villagers. Kosakon wishes to be reunited with Kam Kaew but she is now dead. The only way he can help her is to become a monk and to pray for her redemption in next life.

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