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Year: 2001

Thai title: งูเก็งกอง
English title: Snaker

Rating: 2/5
Director: Fai Sam Ang

Main actor: Vinai Kraibutr
Main actress: Pich Chanboramey

Ngu Keng Kong is actually a joint production between Khmer and Thai. It was directed by Fai Sam Ang, who is Khmer, but was filmed by a Thai production. The main actor, Vinai Kraibutr, in the movie is Thai. In 2001, it was the first full-length feature film to be produced in Cambodia since the Khmer Rouge era (first movie in 30 years). The film was said to be the remake of the 1970s film. In 1970 Cambodia released a movie, starring Mr. Chea Yuththorn and Mrs. Dy Saveth, based on a folk legend in which a woman is courted by a giant snake. The baby born from their love has hair made of small snakes. Local villagers disdain the mother and her daughter. It was a big hit in Cambodia and Thailand. Later on, a few Thai movies (งูเก็งกอง) were 'remakes' of the original Cambodian movie. Nee and Manop are married together and have a daughter. Nee is having a lover, who has a snake shape (งูเจ้า), while her husband, Manop, is out to town. She finally gets pregnant. The husband comes back and is informed about the snake by his daughter. Manop kills the snake thanks to his daughter's feedback. In anger, he then cuts his wife's stomach and snakes go out of it. He also kills them except one. He then slips and dies. The survival baby snake is rescued by a Brahmin. It becomes an human and is named Suriya (โสรยา). When growing up, Suriya has snake hairs. The brahmin gives her a magic ring to transform her snake hair into normal hair. If she loses her virginity, she will become a snake again. With being an adult, she meets a nice and handsome man called Veaha (เวหา). Love merges between Suriya and Veaha but Ranee (รานี), Veaha's fiancee, and her mother try to stop Suriya by all means such as using a ruffian to rape her, filter potions or a sorcerer (หมอผี) to fight the brahmin. This movie is similar to 1980s Thai movies with a handsome leading actor, a beautiful leading actress, the jealous girl and her mother intriging to break the relationship with them. The movie of course ends happily with the bad people being punished. Suriya and Veaha can live in peace.

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