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Year: 1961

Thai title: งูและคนรักกัน
English title: The serpent and the lovers

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Surasit Sattayawong,Chao Klaewklong
Main actress: Wilaiwan Watthanaphanit

Thai HK movie 毒蟒情鴛 / "The Lovers and the Python" / "The serpent and the lovers" was released in year 1961. It features Thai actress Wilaiwan Watthanaphanit and Thai actor Surasit Sattayawong. It was shot in year 1956 but only released in year 1961. It is a Hong Kong–Thailand– Japan co-production. The movie is lost in Thailand but it still can be found in Hong Kong Film Archives. It is available in beta max format, in black and white, in mandarin language only with no subtitles. The image is a bit dark but still sharp. Wen Chai (Surasit Sattayawong), wearing a suit, sees a young lady, called Milly Ko, on a bridge wearing a Cheongsam, Chinese dress. They talk together but it seems Wen Chai is asking too much questions so she leaves. Back home he meets his sister Anne (Wilaiwan Watthanaphanit). Wen Chai is then having a picnic with friends. Wen Chai meets again the same lady on a cliff. Milly Ko wishes to suicide. He stops her. She disappears again in the forest. Wen Chai has only her scarf that she dropped. Wen Chai assists to an exotic dance in a club. The beautiful dancer is using snakes. The same mysterious lady is coming to this club also. A governess is following her. Milly Ko asks Wen Chai to meet her at the cliff. A Chinese man comes to talk to the lady so she leaves. Wen Chai is back to the cliff. The governess brings him to a neighbouring home. Milly Ko is waiting on a bed. Wen Chai is puzzled. She begins to sing holding a rose. Long dialog happens with cries. They finally become lovers. The governess brings the lady away through a car. Wen Chai is back later but Milly Ko is not here anymore despite searching the whole house. In a room, he finds a disfigured lady who chases after him. She is finally hit by a car and dies. While driving, Wen Chai hears a woman singing. It is his mysterious lady. It looks like their love is impossible due to some mysterious reasons. Later on, Wen Chai goes back to the house. It is closed. He forces his way inside but Milly Ko is no longer there. Later on, the young lady has arguments with her governess Ma. Finally Wen Chai meets Milly Ko again. They love each other. She sings for him again. Milly Ko wears many beautiful Cheongsams in this movie. Milly Ko tells him that she is a rich leper. It is the tradition of the place, a leper must have sexual intercourse with opposite sex before marriage in order to get off the disease, therefore Wen Chai has the infection. Wen Chai is willing to sacrifice for her. The father seems unhappy with his daughter. Back to her house, Wen Chai finds she is not there anymore. It looks like the father has other ideas in mind to choose a husband for her. A handicapped man seems to be the one. Milly Ko tries to flee at nighttime but her mother stops her. Wedding announcement are printed in newspaper so Wen Chai is aware. Wen Chai wishes to go back to Thailand. Milly Ko misses him as she is too late to airport. Wen Chai’s friend helps. Wen Chai is back to Thailand but even Thai dances (รำวง) or Thai song cannot rejoice him. Wen Chai is unhappy and is not able to write a letter. Milly Ko arrives to Thailand by plane. She travels by taxi showing Bangkok in the 1950s through the Victory Monument, Royal Palace and airport. Wen Chai is sick. His face is swollen. He is locked but succeeds to escape. Milly Ko arrives to his house. Wen Chai’s mother seems upset. Thai veteran actor (Chao Klaewklong?) welcomes her to his home. They look for Wen Chai. Wen Chai keeps hiding in the forest as he is disfigured. His body is deformed by leprosy. Milly Ko sings in the forest hoping Wen Chai will come but he flees. Coming to the houses, his face makes the servant afraid so she flees. Milly Ko runs after. In the jungle, a tremendous big snake attacks Milly Ko but Wen Chai protects her and kills the snake. Afraid to show his face, he dives in the pond, drinking the serpent’s poison. Emerging from the pond, the buttons have disappeared as the poison is a medicine to cure leper. He is normal again. Milly Ko comes with help and support from Chao Klaewklong. The Chinese actress is Du Wang Wing Yuan (Chung Chin). A movie storybook of 32 pages is still available in HK film archives with text in Chinese and many pictures.

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