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Year: 1987

Thai title: เจ้าแม่จระเข้
English title:

Rating: 2/5
Director: กังสดาล

Main actor:
Main actress:

Thai movie เจ้าแม่จระเข้ was released in year 1987 and lasts 1h47mn. It is a low budget horror movie with erotic sequences (หนังผีแนวโป๊). This movie (鱷魚女妖) was also released in Taiwan under VHS format. It is the next opus after “จระเข้ศรีวันทอง” with same movie director กังสดาล. On actors and actresses’ side, there are no change also. Most of them are unknown actors and actresses. A crocodile fight occurs. It involves Chao Mae Sri Wan Thong, being a female spirit able to transform herself into a crocodile, versus master Pin (หมอปราบจระเข้), trying to kill the female spirit. Chao Mae Sri Wan Thong (เจ้าแม่จระเข้ศรีวันทอง) makes a promise with young man Tong (ธง) valid for three months. She agrees to stop killing people if Tong stays with her. Master Pin sends young lady Soi to seduce Tong in order to irritate Sri Wan Thong. It works as Sri Wan Thong becomes a crocodile again and kills Soi. Sri Wan Thong breaks her promise to stop killing people. Sri Wan Thong wishes to get revenge over Master Pin. Administrative assistant (ปลัด) comes to the village and wishes to seduce Malai, subdistrict headman’s daughter. The local subdistrict headman has two daughters, i.e. Malai and Sai. Sri Wan Thong, as a crocodile, interrupts a village feast and kills villagers. The administrative assistant hires Master Pin for 50,000 THB in order to get rid of female spirit Sri Wan Thong. Villager Nuan loves Tong but love is not reciprocal. Tong considers her as a sister only. Fight occurs between Tong and Nuan's brother. Master Pin defies Sri Wan Thong but gets killed by her. Both daughters don't want to marry the administrative assistant. The subdistrict headman asks Tong to help as Master Pin is now dead. Malai jumps in the river. Phi Tuan helps as Sri Wan Thong, as a crocodile, attacks Malai. A hunt to kill the crocodile is launched. The administrative assistant also joins the hunt. It fails as the crocodile crunches the administrative assistant. Tuan wishes to catch the crocodile as Sri Wan Thong is his former wife. Tuan asks Sri Wan Thong not to perform a rampage (อาละวาด) anymore in the village. Nuan is disappointed that Phi Tong doesn't love her. She becomes crazy. Sai loves secretly Phi Tong also. Female spirit Sri Wan Thong is upset with all those young ladies being around Tong. Nuan meets Sri Wan Thong and tries to chase her. As Sri Wan Thong becomes a crocodile, Nuan is killed. Tuan fails to kill the crocodile as Sri Wan Thong is pregnant with him. Tong finally kills Sri Wan Thong to stop further killings in the village and Tuan keeps the crocodile eggs, i.e. his children...

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