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Year: 1985

Thai title: จระเข้ศรีวันทอง
English title:

Rating: 2/5
Director: กังสดาล

Main actor: Somsak Chaisongkram
Main actress:

Thai movie จระเข้ศรีวันทอง was released in year 1985 and lasts 1h25mn. It was released under VCD format by company Rose. Sexy sequences are cut from the VCD. Movie director is กังสดาล. It features actors and actresses มงคล พิชิตชัย, แพร เพชรชมพู and รุ้งเพชร ทรัพย์สุวรรณ. The story of Wan Sri Thong was released in two parts, i.e. จระเข้ศรีวันทอง (1985) and เจ้าแม่จระเข้ (1987). A crocodile attacks a villager. Later on, villagers shoot and injure that crocodile. Two villagers help a young lady being injured and called Wana. She is in fact crocodile spirit Sri Wan Thong (ศรีวันทอง) fleeing villagers ire. Tong and Tuan help young lady, Soi Klin, aggressed by a crocodile man managed by master (หมอ) Pin. Her father was just killed by the crocodile man. Tuan meets Wana (แพร เพชรชมพู) inside the forest. As she has no more relatives, Tuan asks her to stay with her sister but she prefers to stay in the forest. Tong discloses to Soi Klin, Tuan's younger sister, that Wana is crocodile spirit Sri Wan Thong. Tuan refuses to believe Tong. Villagers Phi Am and Phi Man are fishing. Phi Man is killed by the crocodile spirit. Phi Am has to announce the bad news to wife Rarai. The villagers organize an urgent meeting. Phi Am refuses to respect Sri Wan Thong anymore and promises to kill the crocodile spirit. Master (หมอ) Fak is hired. Master Fak (Somsak Chaisongkram) is arriving in the village. Drunken Phi Am urinates on Sri Wan Thong's shrine. Master Thong asks Sri Wan Thong not to kill Phi Am. Many ladies (Sai, Nuan...) like Thong. It makes Sri Wan Thong to be jealous as she loves secretly Thong. Master Fak, hired by the subdistrict headman, tries to capture the crocodile. It is a failure and Phi Am is killed during the mess. Meanwhile Tuan is looking for Wana. Sri Wan Thong, alias Wana, pushes Tuan to fight with Thong until Thong sends a magic amulet over Sri Wan Thong so Tuan realizes that Wana is Sri Wan Thong! Sai is brought back home by master Fak. She claims to hurt her ankle to entice master Fak. Sai becomes Sri Wan Thong and kills master Fak. Sri Wan Thong wishes to get an agreement with Thong. She agrees to stop killings if master Thong stays with her for three months. The story continues in movie เจ้าแม่จระเข้ (1987).

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