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ไกรทอง 2
ไกรทอง 2

Year: 1985

Thai title: ไกรทอง 2
English title: Kraithong 2

Rating: 3/5
Director: Sompote Sangduenchai,Neramit

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Sombat Methanee,Sor Asanajinda,Lor Tok,Lak Apichat,Der Doksadao
Main actress: Ampha Pusit,Aranya Namwong,Supansa Nuengpirom,Duangcheewan Komolsen

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Thai movie ไกรทอง 2 was released in year 1985. It was released under VCD and DVD format by Tiga Company and lasts 1h33mn. The Betamax version lasts 1h49mn. The main difference is longer sequences with a Chinese master (อาจารย์). Main actors and actresses featured in this movie are Sorapong Chatree, Sombat Methanee, Sor Asanajinda, Lor Tok, Lak Apichat, Ampha Pusit, Aranya Namwong, Supansa Nuengpirom, Der Doksadao, Duangcheewan Komolsen. This time Kraithong faces a man, who has also the power to change himself into a fearful crocodile. Thong (Suphansa Nuengpirom) and Kaew (Ampha Nuengpirom) are Kraithong's wives. Wimala (Aranya Namwong) and Malaiwan (Duangcheewan Komolsen), former Chalawan’s wives, are staying in a cave under the river. Sor Asanajinda is a powerful hermit. Sor asks Wimala (แม่นาง) not to disturb humans anymore. Meanwhile a crocodile takes away a baby and his father. The mother goes to Chinese shrine to ask help from a Chinese master (Lor Tok). Der Doksadao and เหี่ยว are playing medium assistants in the Chinese shrine. A funny and long sequence featuring the master showing his surnatural skills towards Der Doksadao is present in the betamax but cut in the VCD version. A government official offers a reward to kill the crocodile. The crocodile continues his rampage and attacks a floating market, humans and even a buffalo. Kraithong visits a master mentioning that crocodile Chalawan is back. The crocodile is in fact half human (Lak Apichat) half spirit (จระเข้ผีสิงห์). Lak agresses Chalawan’s wives in the cave. The Chinese master, despite his supernatural skills, is killed by the crocodile. Some scenes where Lor Tok is featuring his flying skills are cut from VCD but present on the BetaMax. The crocodile then attacks the house where Thong and Kaew are living. After a rampage, Kaew is kidnapped by the crocodile played by Lak Apichat. Wimala wishes to use Lak to take revenge over Kraithong. Chalawan is back per incantations from Sor. He is upset that his wife Wimala replaces him so fast. So Wimala pushes Lak to kill Chalawan. Upset about Kaew, Kraithong heads towards the cave. He faces Lak, already injured by Chalawan, and succeeds to defeat him. Chalawan then defies him again. Following an epic fight, Chalawan is defeated again and Kraithong brings Kaew back.

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