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Year: 1980

Thai title: ไกรทอง
English title: Kraithong

Rating: 3/5
Director: Sompote Sangduenchai

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Sombat Methanee
Main actress: Ampha Pusit,Supansa Nuengpirom,Aranya Namwong,Duangcheewan Komolsen

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Kraithong is an old Thai tale based on an aggressive, violent and male-dominated world. Kraithong movie is based on Thai traditional folklore story relating a love story between a crocodile and human beings. A spirit living in the river has the possiblity to change himself into a crocodile. He uses his powers to terrify the population by killing inhabitants and kidnaps young girls for his harem. His name is Chalawan (ชาละวัน). One day Chalawan sees the two daughters of a rich local trader and falls in love with them. The two daughters are called Takao Kaew and Takao Thong. He kidnaps Takao Kaew and brings her to his cave under the river. The father is very angry and recruits a crocodile master (หมอจระเข้) called Kraithong. He promises to give his two daughters if Kraithong can stop Chalawan. Kraithong finds the way to Chalawan's underwater cave. A fight happens between Kraithong and Chalawan. Kraithong movie raises the Thai polygamy theme as Chalawan has already crocodiles wives in his underwater cave but still desires human being wives.

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