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Year: 2005

Thai title: โคตรเพชฌฆาต
English title: Brutal river

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Yodchai Meksuwan,Prompong Nopparith
Main actress:

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Thai movie โคตรเพชฌฆาต (Brutal river) was released in year 2005. The movie lasts 1h26mn. The movie action takes place in year 1964 in Chumphon province. It is based on a real story. A few veteran actors are playing such as Prompong Nopparith as chief district officer, Yodchai Meksuwan as the Buddhist temple abbot. A man has disappeared in the river and only his stranded boat can be found. A crocodile eating people (จระเข้กินคน) is suspected. A man swimming in the river and a soup vendor are also killed (จระเข้ขัด). Nobody dares to cross the local river anymore. A crocodile hunt starts. The crocodile is named Ai Dang (ไอ้ด่าง). 4000 baht reward is offered. The hunt turns to a disaster as all men are cowards. Only a soldier leader injures the crocodile. Nurse Kate is also killed. Her boyfriend, a policeman, is devastated. A black magician (หมอผี) is used but he is also killed by the crocodile. Another one from Cambodia using dynamite also fails. Soldiers are called for help as villagers cannot cope with the crocodile. They kill a big crocodile but it is not Ai Dang. Some villagers believe it is a crocodile spirit (จระเข้ผี). The soldiers get the blessings from the abbot and start to prepare some traps to catch the crocodile. The crocodile is smart and cannot be caught easily. It gets injured by the soldier leader with a knife but is on the way to flee again. The policeman, Kate’s fiance, sacrifices his life and throws himself in the crocodile mouth while holding a grenade. The river gets peaceful again. The movie has weak Fx.

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