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พรหมจรรย์ สวยพันธ์สยอง
พรหมจรรย์ สวยพันธ์สยอง

Year: 2015

Thai title: พรหมจรรย์ สวยพันธ์สยอง
English title:

Rating: 2/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

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Thai movie พรหมจรรย์ สวยพันธ์สยอง was released in year 2015 and lasts 1h17mn. This horror erotic was released by Phranakorn Film production. In year 1937, a man is chasing demon tiger lady spirits (เสือสมิง). Time flies to year 2015. Three ladies friends (Tida, Plaew and Neiya) go on weekend with male friends in North of Thailand. Neiya doesn't trust men. They go to a lake. Only Neiya is not swimming. She goes deep in the jungle and meets a demon tiger lady spirit despite the uncle warning her not to go inside the forest. As she gets lost, one of the young men, called Pim, hopefully finds her. Neiya finally sympathizes with Pim. Neiya recalls the time when she was raped so she didn’t trust men for long time. Seeing Pim making love with another girl in a car, she feels hurt again and leaves into the forest. She meets a demon tiger lady, who tattoos a tiger on her back. She accepts to be tattooed as she wishes to get revenge over men. After being tattooed, Neiya loses her inhibitions, remove her glasses, wear sexy clothes, dance languorously and tease all men. Wit, one of the young men, bloody body is found after he follows Neiya in the forest. The uncle feels confused. Something is bad in the forest... Another lady Plaew dies in the house. She was killed by Neiya, possessed by the demon tiger lady spirit. The movie ends up in a Bangkok club where two men hunt for the demon tiger lady spirits...

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