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Year: 1991

Thai title: ป่าดงดิบ
English title: Ever Green Forest

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

Thai movie ป่าดงดิบ / Ever Green Forest was released in year 1991 and lasts 1h12mn extracted from a 35mm film format incomplete version. A VHS version lasts 1h01mn. It is same version as the 35mm film version except that the hot scenes are cut. A group of armed young men and three young ladies are looking for an American plane that crashed in Thai deep jungle during Vietnam war. It seems there was 200M USD inside. Villagers told them the area is dangerous. Tiu is the leader. While making love with her boyfriend, Deuan is shocked (กลัว) as her lover dies instantly and falls in the stream. Kip, while bathing, sees also something not ordinary. Pong proposes to take good care of Kip if he finds the money. Pong sees a weird thing in the trees (ตัวอะไร) but cannot shoot it properly. The weird thing then takes advantage of Kip while she has lost conscience. Pong is accused by others. Another couple is attacked while bathing. Pong shoots at the green beast (สัตว์ประหลาด - ตัวสีเขียว) but Tiu doesn't believe him. Mongkol is found dead. It is the second death. The various people suspect each other. They use a woman as a bait (โดนผู้หญิงหลอก) as it seems the beast is attired by naked ladies. It fails. They try with Kip. Tia is killed. They finally chase the green beast but in scattered order so they are killed one by one. Lek, Sing and then Pong die. Tiu tries a last trick in order to lure the green beast but his gun is halted. A weird old lady chases the beast. Meanwhile Tiu and the three ladies run out of the jungle. They find a weird couple in the jungle and realize they use the green beast as a pet. They flee again. The incomplete movie ends up here.

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